Content Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Kasual Blog! We welcome guest contributions from writers who can provide valuable insights, advice, and experiences related to dating, relationships, hookups, and relevant lifestyle topics. To ensure a seamless and mutually beneficial collaboration, please review the following guidelines before submitting your guest post:

Content Relevance

1. Your content should be relevant to our audience, which includes individuals interested in dating, casual relationships, hookup culture, and related lifestyle topics.

2. Topics may include dating tips, relationship advice, personal experiences, hookup etiquette, online dating trends, casual dating dos and don’ts, navigating modern relationships, and similar subjects.

Originality and Quality

3. We prioritize original content that has not been published elsewhere. Please ensure that your submission is unique and not plagiarized.

4. Articles should be well-written, engaging, informative, and free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

5. Aim for a conversational tone that resonates with our audience while maintaining professionalism.

Length and Formatting

6. Articles should typically range between 1000 to 2000 words, although exceptions can be made for exceptional content.

7. Use subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists to improve readability and organization.

8. Include relevant images, infographics, or media (if applicable) to enhance the visual appeal of your post. Ensure that you have the right to use any visuals you include.

Audience Value

9. Your post should provide genuine value to our readers by offering actionable advice, insights, or perspectives that they can apply to their own dating experiences.

10. Avoid overly promotional content. While you can mention your expertise or relevant products/services where appropriate, the primary focus should be on providing valuable content rather than self-promotion.

Tone and Style

11. Maintain a respectful and inclusive tone throughout your writing. Avoid offensive language, discriminatory remarks, or content that promotes harmful behaviors.

12. Feel free to inject personality into your writing, but ensure that it aligns with the overall tone and branding of the Kasual Blog.

SEO Considerations

13. While not mandatory, optimizing your content for search engines can enhance its visibility. Incorporate relevant keywords naturally throughout your post.

14. Include a brief meta description (approximately 150 characters) summarizing the main topic or takeaway of your article.

Link Policy

15. You may include one or two high-quality backlinks to reputable sources or relevant content within your guest post.

16. We do not accept affiliate links within guest posts. All links should be relevant, non-promotional, and add value to the reader’s experience. We reserve the right to remove any overly promotional links or links to irrelevant sites.

Submission Process

17. To submit your guest post for consideration, please email it as a Google Docs link or Word document attachment to derek(at)

18. Include “Guest Post Submission: [Your Article Title]” in the subject line of your email.

19. Our editorial team will review your submission and respond within 3-5 working day regarding its acceptance or any necessary revisions.

By submitting your guest post to the Kasual Blog, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to abide by these guidelines. We look forward to receiving your contributions and sharing valuable insights with our audience!

If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us.