Online Dating is Surging Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, and Here is Why

Dating During The Coronavirus

With over 219M infected and 4.55M deaths, the Coronavirus has everyone worried. More and more governments impose strict measures every day. One of the rules that have a direct effect on dating is social isolation. So that the virus does not spread, people are advised, and in some countries ordered, to stay home.

Meanwhile, online dating became quite popular. What could possibly be the reason for online dating to surge? We did some digging, and we have to say that there is not just one reason. We are complicated beings, especially when it comes to our love affairs.

So, let’s see what makes people mingle online in seek for some good old love, shall we? Here are nine reasons why online dating is surging due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

1. We Are Social Beings

There are a lot of social beings living on this planet. It is a type of behavior that can be observed in mammals and insects as well. The evidence we have about the early days of our ancestors tells us that humans always grouped together. It is deeply embedded in our genes. The threat of Coronavirus can not simply erase that.

We love to interact with people. But this relationship goes well beyond interaction. We also connect emotionally with people we interact with. If the outbreak hit us just 30 years ago, we would suffer more. Back in the day, we didn’t have the means to interact with people so freely and effortlessly.

Today the situation is quite different. Even when they are self-isolating, people can still communicate with each other. Social-distancing is not much of social-distancing when you can video talk and chat with whomever you want and when you want it.

Besides the technologies that make the interaction accessible during the outbreak, we also have access to hundreds of online dating sites and apps like Kasual. There are literally thousands of online dating opportunities online. Since we are social beings, it is completely understandable to see people using online dating services more than usual during the times of self-isolation and social distancing.

2. Young Generations Were Brought Up Online

For some, this reason is obvious, but there are still some people that don’t know about it. Let’s take a moment to clarify some facts for you. Younger generations were brought up online. Some people used to communicate and date exclusively offline.

Online dating sites, social networks, and messaging apps are unfamiliar to them. On the other hand, there are hundreds of millions of online surfers who feel completely natural when talking to others online.

The spike in online chat, social media posts, and activity on online dating sites is only natural when you take into account the entire situation. The chances are that not-that-much-tech-savvy people are now breathing down the necks of their cousins, children, and friends to help them learn how to create accounts and use online dating services.

3. Online Dating is The Only Safe Dating At The Moment

Many countries have labeled the Coronavirus as a big threat, and they are implementing measures according to the World Health Organization recommendations. Dating took the heaviest hit by self-isolation and social distancing. The Coronavirus can survive in aerosol as well as on surfaces. This is why people are advised to stay at home and to refrain from handshaking.

This clearly paints dating as unsafe behavior. What is the alternative? You guessed it right, online dating. And it goes both for people who are single and for couples. Single people who want to experience the thrill of new emotional connections are left with no other choice but to use online dating sites. With more people on dating sites, their chances of finding someone who likes them back increase.

Given the fact that it is the only safe dating at the moment, it doesn’t hit us as a surprise to see the online dating surge. We guess that some couples have also started using online dating sites as well. Some of them probably want to spice up their love life. For them, staying away from the clubs and doing it online is the safest way to go through the Coronavirus pandemic and still have some fun.

4. For Many, It Is The Only Way

The World Health Organization’s recommendations regarding the Coronavirus outbreak to governments are nothing more than suggestions. But every government is unique, and it has the freedom to implement and impose whatever measures it sees fit.

In many countries, people are not allowed to go out unless they carry a government-issued permit. People who are found outside without a permit have to pay a fine. In some countries, they can even end up in jail.

All of a sudden, people are not only advised not to go out, kiss, shake hands, or do anything similar. They are put in a sort of quarantine. The only way they have left to see and experience some of the prior life is the way of the internet. It’s right there within their reach, and it’s safe, so why not use it, right?

People who enjoy interacting with others, meeting new people, flirt, and have fun, can no longer do it outside of the home. For many of those, online dating is the only way. The abundance of online dating profiles offers fun and engaging ways to meet new people and perhaps find the love of their life.

5. It Helps Relieve Stress

People tie their worth to all sorts of things and phenomenons. Some of us tie our worth to our careers, some tie it to how many good friends we have. The others link it to their relationships, number of partners, social activities. The list goes on as we are all different. But there is one thing that binds all these “tying your worth” activities. For most of them, you have to be outside of your home.

What happens when someone or something stops you from doing things that help you feel good about yourself? What happens when your concept of self-worth starts crumbling down? You feel under stress. And stress is something that people want to get rid of both consciously and subconsciously.

Enter online dating. There are two benefits online dating brings in terms of stress relief. First, when online dating, your attention and focus shift from the ill news that arrives every day. When you forget about it, you instantly feel better.

And, secondly, you get the chance to boost your sense of self-worth by getting compliments from other people. This can be especially beneficial to people who like the compliments and attention of others.

Since it has the power to help people forget about the Coronavirus and boost their sense of self-worth, online dating is only going to become even more popular. This also applies to people after 50 who are possibly overwhelmed and under much stress.

6. It’s What Most People Do

We already established that we are social beings. As social beings, we also love to belong. There are many groups that we belong to – our family, social circle, fans of your team, professional circles, online game community.

When you are confined to four walls, you can’t benefit from belonging to some groups. When everyone is enclosed, the list of groups and communities you can belong to dramatically shortens.

The hospitality industry is shut down, sports events are canceled, and you can’t even hang out with your friends outside, at least not as casually as you did. There are very few online activities that provide that authentic feeling of belonging.

Online dating sites enable people to find someone to connect with truly. And when the news that the majority of people are doing it hits you, you are teased to do it yourself. Online dating is not something new. Before the Coronavirus, it was very popular. There are over 40 million people who have tried it at least once in their life.

7. It’s Free

During the pandemic, people tend to stockpile groceries and top off their cupboards. This puts a strain on the house budget. The Coronavirus is already affecting the global economy, and the officials tell us that we are probably going to witness a recession.

There are thousands of people who are already worried about their jobs. As a result, people think about saving cash and only spending it on necessary things. For many, dating is an essential thing. It helps them feel alive and can also be fun and thrilling. If there was only a way to do it now when saving cash is of utmost importance, and when going outside is not advised?

Enter online dating sites. You probably think that online dating sites charge for their services. Yes, you are right. But there is one more thing. Most of them, including the most popular ones, offer some services completely free of charge.

With millions of people using online dating websites, you are basically guaranteed to meet many single people. The best thing about it is that you won’t have to spend a dime. Free features vary from site to site, but the most common ones include creating a profile, uploading photos, sending winks, receiving matches, and chatting.

Even if you decide to unlock all features and go premium, you will still spend significantly less than you would on the first date outside.

8. Coronavirus as a Perfect Icebreaker Topic

The reasons are various why people stay away from online dating sites. They range from “I don’t believe in that online thing at all” to “what I’m supposed to say to start the conversation?”. It is possible that the latter group of people caused online dating to surge. How come?

Well, some people are not good with icebreakers. Their experience tells them to stay away from online dating and avoid the stress of being rejected or made fun of. The Coronavirus has made it easier for them to strike a conversation and get a real response.

A simple “How are you doing?” or “Are you working from home?” has a different note all of sudden. The simple questions are now perfect icebreakers given the situation. The people who had problems with icebreakers are now heading back to online dating sites, encouraged that they will get responses, and be able to connect with someone truly.

Some of the most popular online dating platforms reported the surge of messages between people talking for the first time. This can easily be the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.

9. It Makes The Life Appear Simple

The Coronavirus pandemic is making a lot of people feel anxious. While “stay at home” appears a simple thing to do, it is not. Instead of making it simple, it complicates our lives. Our mental health is the first to suffer the blow. Getting groceries, walking your dog, paying the bills are just a few things that are now more complicated than ever.

In all that chaos and complexity, people grasp for straws that can bring convenience back to their lives. Due to its nature, online dating is a perfect way to do it. If anything, it is a convenient and easy thing to do. Most online dating sites are mobile-friendly so that users can date on their smartphones. Some of them even have dedicated iOS and Android apps to make dating even more convenient.

While dating sites and apps don’t make life truly simpler, they help us see it more simple than it really is. Once you are done with your daily tasks, you can hop launch an app or visit a site, forget about the Coronavirus related complexities, and try to hook up with someone.

These are the main reasons why we see a surge in online dating due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are sure that other underlying reasons cause people to turn to date sites and apps. Anyhow, if we look at the current trends, we can safely assume that the Coronavirus outbreak will cause even more people to use online dating services.