10 Things To Keep in Mind for a Fun and Safe Drunken Hookup

Couple Drinking in a Restaurant

Having a drink and hooking up afterward isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A couple of drinks can help an individual relax after a hard week of work. We all had our little tipsy outbursts, and all of us wanted to hook up with someone at some point. This is where the ten golden rules come into play. 

One of the telltales of a good Friday night outing is the drunken hookup – no matter if it’s a house party, small gig, or a night in a colossal club. Drunken hookups don’t always wind up as well as we had hoped. If you’re looking to have a safe, fun, and engaging tipsy hookup, remember the following rules. 

1. Safety First

Although it’s a shabby phrase, safety really should be your number one priority when it comes to this topic. There are plenty of things that can go wrong at the party or elsewhere while being drunk.

We’re not only talking about condoms in this case – even if they are one of the essential accessories for a Friday evening. There is a sea of sexually related diseases out there, yet not enough to stop you from having unobligated sexual relations – just remember to use a condom

We all know it’s not the maximum capacity pleasure, but a slight loss in sensation is going to make up for all the dangers you’re avoiding. 

Imagine the uncomfortable feeling of getting a letter in the mail, which says you’re going to be a parent. Probably an even more unfortunate case would be to get tested HIV positive just because you wanted some extra pleasure with a stranger. 

2. Don’t Get Too Drunk

Getting too drunk leads to losing control, either in a physical way or a psychological one. Having some “great “drunken ideas usually leads to a dead end. Having outbursts like passing out or cracking terrible jokes is never a good option. 

Going to the place where your one-night stand will occur usually leads to some more drinking. Passing out on the couch or the floor of your hookup’s home is genuinely embarrassing. Throwing up on your partner is maybe the most disgusting thing you can do. While this is genuinely disgusting, it’s all too real not to mention. 

Your drunken ideas can make you regret the night you went through. Fun and safe drunken hookups should have a happy ending to provide you with some desired relief, and a fun story to remember. Embarrassment or guilt is not part of the plan. 

Alcohol causes erectile dysfunction is a clear sign that you had too much to drink for the night. That might end up as a truly embarrassing moment and a very awkward situation for both participants. 

It’s common for your drunken mind to start questioning your potency and sexual orientation, which will lead you down an entirely new wormhole. 

3. Avoid Sharing Contacts

This is one of these rules that you can be flexible about because it can’t hurt you too much if it’s not an extreme situation. Sharing contacts is not suggested for several reasons, all of which we’re going to discuss below. 

A one-night stand should remain just that. You should relax for a night, without any obligations to the other person, or any repercussions. Sharing contact info would be too much information for a one-night partner, yet if your judgment approves it – giving it a shot isn’t such a bad idea. Make sure to make that decision when you sober up, though. 

You don’t want to be stalked by a creepy stranger. That could be an unpleasant feeling or, in the worst case, it can end up tarnishing your well-being. It might sound horrible, but that scenario happens more often than you think after one-night stands. 

Developing feelings for a person you barely know isn’t the best-case scenario. Falling in love is beautiful, but it could leave a hurtful trace if you end up being manipulated or simply left alone with no reply at all. We’ll get to that later on.

4. Don’t Sleep Over

Love is more potent in the intimate morning than during the boozy night. Waking up in the morning next to your one-night stand is practically ruining the “one-night” part of the hookup. To face that happy ending – it’s crucial to stay above the situation as much as possible – even when drunk. 

No matter if it’s a one-night stand or a serious relationship, the impression that you leave is always significant. Rumors spread in no time – and if you do something unpleasant, everything good you did falls right out of the picture. 

In short, as long as you don’t have any plans with the person afterward, it’s not advisable to spend the night. If you absolutely can’t escape spending the night, on account of drinking a bit too much, do your best to leave as early in the morning as possible.

If there is chemistry between you and your one-night stand, it’s going to sober you up in a matter of minutes. 

5. Never Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is never a good option – in most cases, it leads to more or less dangerous incidents. The best-case scenario is that you’re going to get arrested. Since the best case scenario itself is very unpleasant, you can imagine how bad the worst-case scenario could be.

It’s best to call a cab after a heavy night of drinking or get a sober friend to drive you home. It might be tempting to test the speed limit of your car, or you might even want to impress your date with your mad driving skills – but don’t trust yourself.

Drinking tends to cloud your perception, thus making all the decisions you make unreliable. This rule needs no elaboration – just don’t drink and drive, simple as that. 

6. Stay In Control

Being drunk might be more fun than remaining sober on a Friday night, yet it might skew your perception a bit, and lead to feeling guilty in the morning. “Bad decisions make the best stories” is almost always a lie we tell ourselves to feel less guilty or embarrassed.

Losing yourself in your drink shows that you can’t handle one, which isn’t a good thing. Before you get into drunk hookups, you need to learn how to manage your drinks, and know when you’re drinking too much to be making decisions. 

Disrespecting your one-night stand you just met even as a joke is susceptible. You are probably joking with your friends on a multitude of topics – but that’s the case with people we are comfortable with.

When it comes to you and your hookup, the two of you are strangers – so calling your hookup names or talking about their imperfections is not the right thing to do. There is no justification for being a bully. It’s a big turn off and will inevitably result in spending the night alone with the bartender at the bar.

7. Take The Advice of Your Friends With A Grain Of Salt

No matter how good your friends are, the chances of not pranking you during drunken nights are almost non-existent. If you have friends, they’re likely jokesters, and jokes can get a little out of hand when alcohol is involved. If you are not sure how to start a conversation or you want to know more information about your hookup, do not ask your friends for any tips.

You do not want to look like a fool if you’re looking to get down and dirty. Trust us; if you’re looking to hook up with someone at a party, you want to be calm, cool & collected. Even if you are drunk, try to turn it into a feature instead of a fault. 

Although your friends may have good intentions, they are quite possibly drunk too. Two drunken heads aren’t better than one – they are even worse. You are equally smart together sober, yet alcohol can lead to stupidity. Having good friends is essential, but if you intend to find your one-night stand, you should probably go solo.

8. Avoid Getting Attached

Drinking, laughing and messing around while tipsy are all fun things to do, yet they all bring some consequences to the table – one of which might be an accidental attachment.

Love is one of the best things in the world. If you’re looking to fall in love with someone, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s the right kind of love. When you’re drunk, you cannot make the right decisions, or think about the repercussions that might occur.

This is why drunk hookups exist, and are far more successful than drunk love. If you fall in love with someone while intoxicated, you’re likely in for a real tragedy the morning after, if you want to avoid this, the best thing you can do is ditch the idea of finding love in a rowdy Friday night club – leave clubs for hookups instead. 

9. Never Drink Drinks That You’re Not Used To

In most cases, you are not going to have sexual relations out of nowhere. Having a drink or two is a usual thing for an unobligated sexual act.

Whether you are used to trying out a new cocktail or drink, it might not always be a good idea. Some drinks might have a very significant impact on you, and cocktails can be quite sneaky. While hard alcohol will let you know when you’ve had a bit too much, cocktails won’t.

When you’re on your fifth shaker of that brand new green cocktail, the moment you realize that you’ve had a bit much, it’s already going to be too late. You won’t die, but you might wind up feeling like you want to. If you have the rotten luck of going to your hookup’s place, you certainly don’t want to be throwing up all the time. 

Another very critical deal-breaker when it comes to drinking experimentation is that drinking a bit too much can lead to ED. An exciting thing about drinks is that different drinks and situations result in various types of intoxication. 

While whiskey might make you want to hook up, vodka might make you want to sing. Remember not to experiment with drinks if you’re dead set on hooking up with someone, because it might wind up biting you on the rear. 

10. Maintain Self-respect and Always Be Gentle

There are more important things than having fun – your integrity, for example. For example, if you run into an angry friend or boyfriend, make sure to react with integrity and civility. 

Also, lying about your intentions with your hookup is very infantile, and an outright douche thing to do. 

Also, being too open about your intentions is not an attractive option, regardless of the consequences mentioned above. When you’re drunk, your perspective is skewed, so you might want to marry the prettiest girl in the club at the moment.  

In Conclusion

There is no need to feel guilty because you like the occasional drink and hookup routine. Having a little fun should not be harmful, and your one-night stand shouldn’t exceed the original idea. One-night stands are one-night only, but they do have a rulebook. 

As long as you keep the golden rules above in mind, you’re bound to have a delightful drunken hookup at the next party. Cheers!