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The world of online dating sites is quite diverse, which is great news for people interested in niche platforms. If you are a swinger, you should know that there are many great platforms you can choose from. One of them is FabSwingers. The only question that remains is whether it’s worth your time.

You need access to the most recent and accurate information if you have limited time and can’t afford to spend it. Below you can find a comprehensive Fab Swingers review to help you decide if it’s the right platform for you.

What is FabSwingers?

Fab Swingers, as the name implies, is an online platform for swingers. If you love fun and would like to meet like-minded people, then FabSwingers is worth checking out. The platform caters to the needs of people in the community of swingers.

Besides the features that streamline connections between people, you will find Fab Swingers one of the most popular websites for this community. The website remained true to its old design throughout the years. Although a bit outdated, the old design offers a few advantages, such as familiarity, ease of use, and fast loading time.

Now that you understand what Fab Swingers is, let’s go over its features.

Best FabSwingers Alternatives

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5. Swingers Date Club (SDC) – The world’s largest lifestyle community for swingers.

How Does Fab Swingers Work?

Once you log in to your FabSwingers account, you can start your adventure in multiple ways. The most exciting features are located in the top menu. That’s where you can browse other people’s profiles, access forums, see the upcoming meets and events, or explore clubs and photos.

Fab Swingers uses the information you provided when creating an account to provide you with profiles of people that best match your location, preferences, and other criteria. The most valuable feature you will come across is “Search”. The searchability of FabSwingers is excellent.

You can use the search with numerous filters such as gender, lifestyle, age, and location. When you find a profile that interests you, you can add that member as a friend or add the profile to the Hot List to easily find it later.

Most profiles have public galleries you can access to view the members’ photos, but there are’ Freinds Only Galleries’, which you can access only after becoming friends with a member.

The number of scammers or fake profiles is minimal as the Fab Swingers team has an excellent photo verification policy and reporting system in place.

If you want to interact with other members, you can like their photos, send them private messages, or invite them to join a chat group. You can also join forums to engage other members in a conversation and discover more people who share your intentions.

If you want to learn more about certain members, you should click on their profiles. That’s where you can find their profile description, the meetings in their schedule, what they are looking for, and their interests. The abundance of information can make it easier for you and your partner to decide who to pick.

Who can You Meet on FabSwingers?

Considering that Fab Swingers is the most popular online platform for swingers, the total number of its users doesn’t come as a surprise. There are millions of registered accounts. However, most of the accounts, around 3,000,000 belong to people living in the UK.

The platform has subsections for several countries, making it easier for you to browse through the profiles of people that live nearby. At the moment, you can choose the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

A typical FabSwinger member is a swinger. However, you can meet individuals and couples interested in swinging on this platform. The individuals on the platform are looking to become third parties in someone’s bedroom.

Most of the members are interested in exciting and one-time sexual affairs. If you need a long-term relationship, this isn’t the best site for you.

There are more men than women on Fab Swingers. Currently, approximately 60% of the users are men, while 40% are women. The number of male and female members in their 20s and 30s is roughly the same. The groups of users in their early 20s, late 40s, and early 50s are dominated by men.

The website is very popular at the moment. There are over 200,000 unique daily logins, which amount to over a million unique logins over one month.

How to Register an Account with FabSwingers?

Registering an account with Fab Swingers couldn’t be simpler, and it takes no longer than a couple of minutes. To register an account, you must fill out a short form, and select a username that will show on your profile and when chatting with people.

You also need to provide your email address and choose a password. The site also asks you to specify, “You are on the site as a…” You can select from multiple options, including male, female, couple, male couple, female couple, or TV/TS/CD.

Next, you must select your date of birth, type in the security code, and agree to the site’s terms and conditions. It will start the registration wizard, guiding you through the rest of the process, including providing your preferences, personal details, and interests.

Once you complete all these steps, you will register an account and be ready to use FabSwingers to meet couples and individuals interested in the all-things swing.

Key Fab Swingers Features

FabSwingers is packed with features – there are dozens of free and fee-based features that you can use. Before you can understand how the platform works, it’s essential to research its key features. Let’s start with communication capabilities.


Fab Swingers enables its members to engage with each other in several ways. It comes with the standard support for messages. This feature is similar to what you can see on major social media platforms. It enables you to chat in real-time with other members.

Live cams

Live cams make interaction much more fun and informative than text messaging. FabSwingers has support for video streaming. You can watch other members’ streams or broadcast your own video. There is also a feature that enables you to view multiple cams in chat, which aligns with the preferences of people who find swinging arousing.

Group chat

While we are talking about features that facilitate finding individuals or couples for swinging, we have to mention group chat. Members can make chat groups and invite people to join. It makes the conversation much more engaging and helps you to find like-minded people faster.


Fab Swingers has a forum subsection too. You can talk with other members, ask questions, and answer other members’ questions. Forums are pretty informative and can help you learn a lot about the swinging community if you are making your first steps as a swinger.

Social media-like features

FabSwingers doesn’t only have a design that resembles the design of social media platforms but also features that turn it into a real online dating social media platform. You can add people as friends and build your own community of selected swingers, send winks that resemble the good old Facebook pokes, and like other members’ photos.

The Unique Fab Swingers Features

The FabSwingers platform comes with all the standard features you can see in an online dating platform. However, there are a couple of features that you rarely see on other similar websites.

Supporter badge

While Fab Swingers is entirely free, you have the option to buy a premium membership and access some additional perks. One of these perks is a supporter badge displayed on your profile so that other members can see that you are a Fab Swingers fan and supporter.

No ads

Every great free platform has to find the means to make some cash to cover operational costs. FabSwings does it through ads. If you are a free member, you will notice a lot of ads on the platform. However, if you buy a premium membership, you won’t see a single ad ever again.

Message archiving

Online dating platforms have limited storage. That’s why you cannot store many things online as a member. Premium Fab Swingers members can store their chat history. You simply archive it but retain the right to access it and read the message history on demand.

Is FabSwingers Free?

Now we come to the part of the Fab Swingers review that many swingers enjoy the most – the costs of using FabSwingers services. You will be happy to find out that you can register your account at Fab Swingers and use most of its features without spending a dime.

Yes, you heard it right. You can use live cams, chat with people, add friends, send winks, participate in forums, and send photos for free. The entire toolkit that lets you meet couples and individuals and arrange dates in the real world is free and available 24/7.

What about the premium features, then? The premium membership is entirely optional. Let’s see if it’s worth spending your cash on it.

Fab Swingers Pricing

Plan Monthly Cost Total Cost
105 Days Gold £4.29 £15
200 Days Gold £3.75 £25
300 Days Gold £3.5 £35
143 Days Silver £3.15 £15
255 Days Silver £2.94 £25
365 Days Silver £2.92 £35

Is it Worth Paying for a FabSwingers Premium Membership?

As we’ve said, the premium features are entirely optional and are not game-changing. Since the site is free, some of the online services had to be locked behind a paywall because the platform could not afford them. In other words, premium membership is a sort of support that members can give the platform.

Let’s see what the most noteworthy premium features are.

Profile activity

Premium members have access to the profile activity feature. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly identify other members that took an interest in your Fab Swingers profile.

You can exactly see which members viewed your profile. There is also an option to enable email notification to receive an email every time the system captures someone viewing your profile.


Distance is a convenience feature. Members already have their location specified, and you can use a filter when searching for like-minded people nearby. However, if you are a premium user, you can see precisely how far away the other members are from your location.

Multiple live cams

One-on-one live cams are completely free, but given that this is a platform for swingers, some users might find it great to have the option to enable more than just two webcams. You can view multiple live cams in your chat with a premium membership.

Better photo quality

Not all the photos on the FabSwingers are perfect. If you want to access high-quality images and view them on your large screen without distortions, then the premium membership is the way to go. You will get access to high-quality photos, which can help you choose who you interact with.

Is FabSwingers a Swingers App?

Fab Swingers is an online dating website that caters exclusively to swingers. Currently, there is no app for Android and iPhone users, but the site has a Mobile Web App accessible via any mobile browser.

Whether you are a couple looking for another couple, an individual looking for a couple, or vice versa, this is a perfect website for you. In case you are looking for casual one-on-one hookups or a serious relationship, you might find it hard to find a date on this platform.

How Anonymous is FabSwingers?

Fab Swingers will never ask you for your real name or address. You are also allowed to blur your face on the photos you upload. The platform has excellent photo verification and privacy policies. All that makes FabSwingers not only fabulous but also a safe and secure platform to use for online dating.

What are other sites like FabSwingers?

1. Zever – The best dating app for ethically non-monogamous relationships and hookups.
2. SwingLifestyle – The world’s largest lifestyle community.
3. SwapFinder – The world’s hottest swinger site.
4. Feeld – Dating app for the open-minded to meet like-minded.
5. Swingers Date Club (SDC) – The world’s largest lifestyle community for swingers.

The Bottom Line

FabSwingers is the largest and most popular online dating platform for swingers. As you can see in this Fab Swingers review, it’s also completely free. You can add friends, see other members’ photos, and message them free of charge. There is even an active forum that you can read and use to interact with members.

If you don’t mind the old design and the fact that there is no mobile app, the chances are that you will find FabSwingers a great platform to bring excitement to your sex life.

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