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In the casual dating era, many of us want to find casual hookups and avoid any emotional attachments. Not all of us are looking for serious, long-term relationships at the moment; we only want to have some fun and enjoy spending time with another person. Luckily, there are various methods you can use to land yourself a casual date and fulfill your desires.

With numerous dating apps and websites constantly popping up, you might be thinking about which one to choose and which will get you a date the fastest. Since many apps and websites are dedicated to connecting people with the same desires, such as casual dating or hookups, you might want to be careful when choosing the app you want to use.

One such app is HUD, where you can meet people who also want casual relationships. Here is an in-depth review of the app, including how likely you will find what you want in a partner.

The Good
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use
  • Verified accounts
  • Sexual preferences options
  • STD filtering
The Bad
  • Limited options with a free account
  • Not a very extensive network of active users
  • Not suitable for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Time-consuming when it comes to setting up your profile

The Background of the HUD Dating App

HUD (Hook Up Dating) app has been around since 2015. The developers of this app took into consideration the growing desire for casual relationships and wanted to create an app dedicated entirely to hookups. After a year, HUD became one of the most downloaded apps on the dating app market.

As previously mentioned, the app focuses entirely on casual relationships with no strings attached. You will be able to find and meet like-minded people who only want to have some fun and not swim in the whole romantic, long-term type of love. It is an app that lets you fulfill your desires and meet others who share them.

Besides that, HUD functions just like any other dating app. You can either like and match with someone or press the little X button and move on to the next person. The concept of dating in this app isn’t unique; it is the same as any other dating app on the market.

The Registration Process is a Piece of Cake

You can find the HUD app on both Google Play and App Store, and the app is free to download. To create an account on the HUD app, you only need to input a couple of pieces of information. The registration process doesn’t differ from any other account-creating process.

You will have to input your email address, create a password, and create a username. You will also have to undergo a short verification process to confirm that you are a person looking for a date.

The registration process won’t take more than five minutes to complete, but one problem may occur. The next step may be a bit more time-consuming, as you will see below.

Setting Up Your Profile Might Be a Nightmare

Sure, I understand that the provider wants to keep everyone protected and that you must fulfill some requirements to verify your account. However, it is difficult and time-consuming to do everything this app asks for so you can use your account without any distractions.

To be able to use your account, you will have to meet their requirements when it comes to your profile pictures. They must be of a specific size and quality for the app to accept and upload them. In short, if you don’t have photos that fit the description, you might not be able to get any dates.

You practically have to be a photo wizard to be able to use your account. You may spend time finding or adjusting your pictures to the required size and quality.

However, you probably won’t be using one photo only. Take the time you spend on only one, multiply it by at least three (since you’ll probably post three or more pictures), and determine whether it is worth your time.

Yes, isetting some requirements people need to meet isn an excellent way to keep them safe. Still, let’s be realistic: the size and quality of an image have nothing to do with the legitimacy of an account. It’s okay to restrict pictures that use various filters, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to make people adjust their photos to be able to use them in the app.

The Free Version Is Limited

Almost every dating app has a free version you can use to see whether you like the app and whether you need to subscribe to use the premium features it offers. However, with the HUD app, you will have to pay for a subscription to use any of its features.

When you first make your free account, the number of features you can access might shock you – it is close to zero. All you can do with the free subscription is browse other profiles. You can’t even chat with other people and can only use some basic filters, such as age and gender.

However, with the premium version, you can access many cool features that can help you find what you are looking for in a short period of time.

The pricing plan of HUD ranges from $24.99 a month to $199.99 a year (you can also pay for the yearly subscription every monthly). Thus, you will have to pay to be able to find a casual relationship on the HUD app.

How Much Dose HUD App Cost?

Plan Monthly Cost Total Cost
1 Month $24.99 $24.99
3 Months $16.66 $49.99
6 Months $11.66 $69.99
12 Months $16.66 $199.99

HUD Has Some Pretty Exciting Features

Besides being to the point and serving the purpose of connecting like-minded people looking for hookups, the HUD app has some excellent features that can help you on your casual dating journey. I will mention some of the best features below.

SAFE Feature

The SAFE feature allows you to verify that you are STD (sexually transmitted disease) negative, thus helping everyone stay safe in the casual relationship community. It is obvious why this feature is significant – many sexually-active people don’t use protection when intimate, putting their partners at risk.

By verifying that you are not a potential threat to other people’s health, you will surely be more likely to get a date on the HUD app. Moreover, you can search for STD-free people and be worry-free about your next casual relationship experience.

HUD Bedroom

This HUD app feature could not amaze me more. The HUD bedroom is where you can input your preferences regarding your physical pleasures, and other people can see what you like and match with you accordingly.

Since this app is all about hooking up, there is no better way to determine whether someone is good for you than having an insight into their sexual preferences. There are various things to check, such as BDSM features and other sexual preferences. It is a truly fantastic feature that is, unfortunately, available to premium users only.

Rewind Feature

Another feature that is available for premium users only is the rewind feature. You can rewind or undo your dislike anytime and return to the profiles you previously dismissed.

You can always return to the profiles you have skipped in the HUD app. Moreover, you can use this feature an unlimited number of times.

Profile-Viewing Feature

This feature is pretty self-explanatory. You can always see who has visited your profile and when.

However, it may not be a convenient functionality since you may not feel like the app is protecting your privacy. Still, you can find out if anyone is stalking you, which is an excellent feature in my book.

The Truth About HUD’s Network of Users

Ever since the HUD dating app launched, many people have tried their luck on this app and found the casual relationships they sought. The provider claims to have more than four million daily active users, but I think that is not the case. Although there may be many profiles, not all of them are active.

As for legit profiles, you can encounter some good ones occasionally, and you may get lucky to match with someone. However, the network of users on the HUD app is not high-quality. You may also see one profile multiple times since the app won’t have anyone new to present.

Additionally, because of the bright purple interface, many heterosexual men don’t use this app because they find it “too feminine.” You will more likely come across a straight female using the app than a straight man. It is sad to think that the color may impact the network of users, but it is the case with the HUD app.

Best Hookup Apps & Sites Like HUD App

Rank Site Rating Trial Link
#1 Kasual 4.8/5.0 Free Trial
#2 Adult Friend Finder 4.8/5.0 Free Trial
#3 Ashley Madison 4.5/5.0 Free Trial

Strange Filtering Options

In the modern world, all sexual orientations are welcome in the online dating environment. That means there should be a filtering section where you can choose which gender you prefer and who you want to date.

However, in the HUD app, you can’t choose the gender (or more than one) you prefer. That means you will probably see only people of the opposite sex. HUD has announced that it will fix this issue shortly, and we can only hope it delivers on its promise.

Moreover, there is a strange filtering option that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You can choose the race of the people you want to date. I understand that people have their preferences and that race may be crucial to some, but this option can be insulting and discriminative. We shouldn’t judge people by race or filter them by their skin color.

My Experience

Some time ago, I wanted to try my luck and find someone willing to step into a casual relationship with me. When I heard about the HUD app, I knew I had to try it because the concept sounded very simple. The app is entirely dedicated to hookups and couldn’t be more explicit about its goals.

I was surprised to see how easy it was to create an account, but when it came to the setting-up process, I thought it would never end.

There were many requirements when it came to pictures and when I finally managed to insert some appropriate photos, the bedroom came into play. Yes, the bedroom is an excellent feature, but it is very time-consuming since you must check every option, and each seems like a mini survey.

When I finally started using the app, I wasn’t satisfied with the results. I had higher expectations from this app because it claimed to have more users than I could see. Finding a suitable match took me a long time, but that was only the first step. There aren’t many people using the app, and you probably won’t get many matches.

Moreover, the filtering options surprised me; I don’t mean that in a good way. You can only see people of the opposite gender, and that’s it. However, there are some advanced filtering options you can use if you want to spend even more time setting up your account.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is that the app doesn’t live up to the hype. It is a good idea to have an app dedicated to casual dating, but this one has many issues that call for a solution, and the network of users seems to be in its infancy.

To end on a positive note: the HUD dating app has some excellent potential, and I hope more people will use it in the future. It should primarily focus on improving the filtering capabilities and photo requirements and ensure the profile setup process doesn’t feel like a chore. I’m sure more people would flock to it to spice up their dating life.

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