DirtyR4R Review and Alternatives for Casual Hookups

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If you haven’t heard of Reddit’s kinkiest hookup club yet, it’s time to crawl from under the rock and start getting the news. DirtyR4R is like a deep undercover network where all sorts of kinks are allowed.

It’s safe to say that pretty much anything goes there. It’s a subreddit where people come to find partners for whatever. Yes, you’ve got it straight, you can simply visit this subreddit, ask people to have casual sex with you and hope that someone will answer.

If you ever paid a visit to websites like Craigslist, you’ve probably noticed tons of personal ads of people asking for the same thing. Well, DirtyR4R is almost the same, but with a slight difference – people that come here actually know how to browse the web and find what they’re looking for.

So, this is your own personal subreddit where the majority of members are trying to get laid with as little effort as possible. However, DirtyR4R is much more than just a hookup site. This is also a community, a whole subculture where people can simply be who they are.

No stigma, no prejudice, just people who are enjoying their kinks and fetishes to the maximum of their ability. Reddit allows young males and females to express their feelings, show who they are, and feel free to talk about literally everything.

On the other hand, DirtyR4R goes much deeper than that. This review will show you what you can expect if you decide to join, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the best alternatives. Read on to find out more about DirtyR4R.

What is DirtyR4R?

Many people consider Reddit to be one of the most infamous websites on the internet. However you take it, the chances are that you used this site at least once. Here, we are going to explore Reddit’s casual sex section called DirtyR4R.

Make no mistake here, Reddit is an extremely popular website where people come for all sorts of reasons. The biggest one of them all is casual sex. However, just like with all huge sites like this one, things aren’t always that peachy.

This review is going to name the good, the bad, and the ugly about DirtyR4R so that each one of our users knows what to expect from this dirty chat board. It would be best to start with what this site has to offer and its advantages.

The Advantages

First of all, the best thing about DirtyR4R is that you can come here and post your personal sex ads, requests, and so on. While this isn’t precisely your premium adult dating website, it doesn’t require you to be discreet. We’ve found out that all members are rather transparent.

So, no going in circles here, just plain good old dirty action. You want something, you ask for it openly and clearly. That can be quite liberating if you ask us. Then, there are a couple of very cool features that you can count on to make your user experience even better.

Here are some of these features listed for you:

  • Rating system – you can upvote or downvote every post made by other members within the Reddit personals DirtyR4R section.
  • Hook up type – since the personals section is swarming with all kinds of hookups, you can use acronyms like M4F, F4A, F4M, and so on, to make it easier for others to see what you’re looking for. There are many kinky members around here, so setting up your preferable hookup type would be a smart move. It will make finding a perfect partner much easier.
  • Age – people of all ages gather here. If you don’t mind older people in your hookup section, that’s great. However, if you don’t want to discuss bed action with a 60-year old, we suggest you pay attention to those little numbers in front of each thread title. They represent the ages of members making the threads.

Now, aside from these cool advantages, there are a couple of reasons more why people decide to use the DirtyR4R Reddit. It’s an excellent way to find a quick hookup in your neighborhood. There are a couple of ways you can make contact with other members. Start a dirty chat, invite members for a cam to cam session, send hot video snaps, exchange nudes, and so on.

Posting Rules

As far as the posting goes, the rules are very simple and easy to understand. You can make only one post every 12 hours. Each post should contain the type of hookup you’re into and your age. There are always around 500 users online. So, running onto someone who wants the same thing as you should be really easy.

We have to point out that there are better options if you’re into hooking up for a one night stand with someone close to your location. If that’s not your priority, feel free to explore all the wonders of DirtyR4R.

The Disadvantages

Now, not everything is all good and peachy when it comes to DirtyR4R. Every hookup site has its good and bad sides. We’ve talked about the good sides of DirtyR4R so, let’s delve deeper into its disadvantages.

We keep the wellbeing, health, and safety of our readers in our minds when reviewing these websites. Read on to find out about the things you should pay attention to if you decide to use it to hook up with people online.

1Not that secure. The first thing we’ve noticed while reviewing this dating site is the absence of strong security. Members are pretty much left to look out for themselves on their own. There’s no way to ensure that the person you’re talking to is genuine and really who they say they are.

This can be a very big turn off in the eyes of most people using dating sites. You can’t even say if the person is the gender they say they are.

2Free isn’t always good! There’s no dating site with a reputation that offers complete dating services for free. That’s what bothers us when it comes to DirtyR4R. It’s completely free.

When we come across a dating site claiming to offer hookup services for free, that usually means that you won’t find someone to meet you in person. Instead, they’ll either try to scam you, take your money, or simply waste your time.

So, we advise you to be very careful not only with DirtyR4R but also with every dating site claiming to offer free dating services.

3The majority of members are guys! Now, if something can be a huge turn-off, that would be a dating site with just guys. Most people engage with dating sites for the sake of finding hot, good looking, horny women. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the chances are that you won’t be finding it here.

Our notion of DirtyR4R is that it’s more of an educational site, where you can find out all about various fetishes, kinks, things people tried, and so on. It is a dating site too, but the dating service itself doesn’t look that promising.

However, don’t let this discourage you. The internet is meant to empower you to pursue anything to your heart’s content, and that’s how it should be.

4No way of verification. Last on our list of disadvantages is the lack of means to verify both the identity and age of any DirtyR4R members. The last thing you need is ending up involved in a dirty chat with an underaged person.

The lack of means to verify the identity, gender, age, and other personal information details is one of the biggest red flags on DirtyR4R. Make sure you double-check before you engage with other members.

These disadvantages are, by no means, us telling you not to try DirtyR4R. We’re just making sure that you completely understand what you’re up against here if you decide to use it.

To cut a long story short, we say that you go on and try this site. However, be on the lookout, tread carefully, and take all necessary measures to protect yourself. If this review made you decide to pass this site, here are a few great alternatives you can rely on.

Top DirtyR4R Alternatives for Casual Hookups

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CA 96.31%

1. Doublelist

Doublelist is an excellent dating site where you can choose to connect with curious, bi, gay, and straight people, for the sake of having sex, casual dates, hookups, even relationships. It’s easy to create an account, and the site uses phone verification to verify your profile. That means that all members here are genuine people and who they say they are.

Making contact is also easy. The site offers plenty of great features you can use to find a like-minded person. Most members are looking for occasional sex, so you won’t be having any trouble finding plenty of fuck buddies here. More importantly, the majority of members are consenting adults.

Simply choose your search criteria and find all the guys or girls on the site that match your criteria. Once you establish contact, use chat via webcam to get on it.

2. Bedpage

If you haven’t heard of Backpage, you’ve probably heard of its next best alternative Bedpage. The owners are the same; they just used all the contacts and connections from Backpage to start this new personal ad site. The first thing that we love about Bedpage is diversity. Then, there are classified ads from every corner of the planet.

You can find pretty much any type of companion here. The site is safe, reliable, and, most importantly, free. Find top class adult classified listings to your heart’s content and enjoy yourself. The site is safe and secure to use, and the content is regularly updated.

What really did it for us was the fact that this site allows you to connect to escorts from all continents. Finding a partner near your location has never been more real. Easy registration, user-friendly navigation, excellent features, tons of hot members, what more do you need?

3. Locanto

Locanto isn’t exactly a dating site per se, but they do have the personals section where you can find a partner for hookups, dating, casual sex, and more. To create an account is very easy; most features are available for free, but we advise you to be careful when engaging with other members.

Locanto mostly offers escort girls, and they operate in almost every part of the world. Keep in mind that this is a platform where anyone can post free ads. A lot of what’s offered here can be fake.

On the other hand, if you want to hire three Asian girls for some group sex, that can be arranged too. Keep your eyes open and your personal information personal, when taking Locanto for a spin.

4. Classified Ads

With three million unique monthly visitors, Classified Ads is probably one of the biggest websites for classified ads. This is a huge platform for all types of ads that includes the personals section.

You can find dating agencies, sites, apps, forums, communities, and more here. There are six different dating options:

  • Casual dating
  • Men seeking men
  • Men seeking women
  • Missed connections
  • Women seeking men
  • Women seeking women

Choose your preferred option and let the good times roll. Any sexual preference is included here, so you should be able to find what you’re looking for almost effortlessly.

5. Kijiji

If you’re single in Canada and looking for a hookup, Kijiji could be a great way to find what you want. Kijiji greatly improves your chances of finding someone near your location. It works in a very simple way.

Scroll through the personal ads that single people post on the platform and find a person you like. Reply to their ad and start chatting. If everything goes the way it should, invite your new partner to meet in person.

Kijiji used to lean more toward personal ads in the past, but things have changed a bit. It still is a nice alternative to DirtyR4R, in case your other options fail you.


All in all, it’s our honest belief that you should check out DirtyR4R and see if the platform has what you have in mind. If the website lets you down, these five alternatives should do just fine. Keep in mind to protect your private information at all times.

You should be cautious each time you use dating services online, no matter how reputable or secure they claim they are. Aside from that, make sure you have a good time.