8 Reasons Why Going Casual Might Be a Good Thing for You

A Happy Couple Facing Each Other

For many years, society labeled marriage as a goal we all must achieve for a happy life. Even though most people consider it a fact, many believe that their true happiness lies in something more casual. 

Casual dating is not a new thing in the neighborhood, and for quite some time, many souls enjoy finding others to share passionate moments without any strings attached. Serious relationships or even marriages are not for everyone. Those who figured out that already can happily enjoy alternative ways of dating.

We’re not here to preach about the importance of starting a family like you would see in many articles online. Our goal is to familiarize you with casual dating as something that might change your life forever.

The more we research this topic, the more reasons come to our attention why this type of dating prevails on online dating sites and why people will choose it over something more serious.

Here’s what we learned so far and why you should consider drifting away from a conventional way of thinking.

1. Dating More Persons

Something you could never do while in marriage or a serious relationship without the necessity of hiding, casual dating allows you to date more people at the same time without worrying if you’ll get caught. 

How does that sound to you? Is it something you think you could handle? 

Without any strings attached, you can choose multiple partners to have fun with and decide which ones you would like to keep for more prolonged dating. Maybe you fancy different types of people, and casual dating allows you to choose several at the same time and get a bit of everything you might like.

That’s something you could never imagine while in marriage unless you have a partner who’s ready for an open relationship and lets you see others. However, how many cases of such marriages do you know? Not so many, we presume.

If you decide casual dating is the way to go, you will have much more leverage choosing different types of people you can date, even at the same time. If you believe it will make you happy, don’t waste time and start making your way into the dating scene.

2. Casual Dating Without Sex Involved

Here’s something that most people don’t think about when considering any type of dating. Not every casual date has to have sex involved, and some people prefer only spending quality time with others enjoying other things.

Sex isn’t the most important thing in the world. We can find many other things to spend time with someone we’re attracted to when dating casually. 

Some of us enjoy quality conversations and long walks in nature, or some might even enjoy sipping a glass of wine while watching Netflix. Whatever makes you entertained and amused is a form of casual dating. The only difference is that you don’t have to think about making any commitment to the other person.

Whatever way you choose to spend time with your casual partner, you’ll undoubtedly spend some quality time with the person sharing the same taste. 

However, we’re not saying that casual dating should not go without sex forever. On the contrary, we believe that after spending some time together without sex, when it finally comes a moment you feel it’s perfect time to do so, you’ll have much more pleasure as you’ll create a strong bond with your partner.

Our recommendation is to start things slowly, and you might end up having something wild and crazy in bed in the aftermath.

3. No Plans

Every couple always worries too much about what the future might hold for them and what steps to take to create something they’ll both enjoy.

Well, guess what? Casual couples go on without any worry whatsoever when it comes to their future and if they’ll survive long enough to see it.

Not having any plans is probably one of the main reasons people start casual dating at first, as they’re tired of having constant pressure imposed by society.

Our relatives will often ask us things like, when will you get married? Are you planning any kids? 

The thing with society is that pre-determined goals will always create pressure on our lives, and living up to everyone’s expectations will not make anything easy for us. When we finally stop thinking about making milestones others created, that’s the time we can enjoy life to its fullest.

Casual dating creates an alternative to conventional thinking in which partners can live for the moment, not thinking where it might take them in the future. When dating someone that won’t expect you to do a thing, you can truly be yourself and enjoy every single moment.

Some casual couples create a strong connection after spending such quality time together, and they might fall in love in the end. Don’t forget, the heart is unpredictable, and you never know what casual dating can create.

4. Practicing for the Real Thing

We’re not all born with great social skills, and for some of us, dating can be a real puzzle we need to solve if we would have any luck meeting someone special.

Casual dating is perfect for those learning how to behave when dating someone and it could work as a training ground to become better at the game. Is dating a game? Of course, it is.

Dating is a kind of game with a set of rules that will guarantee success if we follow them and exploit their possibilities. Those not feeling competent enough to start a serious relationship with someone can use casual dating to learn how to play the game.

Practice makes it perfect. Are we right?

Casual dating can make you feel comfortable when seeing someone, and you can forget about having any pressure to meet someone’s expectations that might be too much to bear.

When you learn to act natural when dating and be yourself, you’ll create a habit that will follow you on every date when you decide it’s time to look for something more serious. Alternatively, if you don’t want to stop dating casually, your experience will make dates much smoother.

Start creating a confident version of yourself today, and forget about going out on dates where you’ll need to worry too much about everything that might follow.

5. Having More Time for Yourself

If you are married or have a long-term relationship, time for yourself is something you can only dream about, as you have more responsibilities toward others.

When casually dating, you will undoubtedly have much more time to spend doing things that make you feel happy and relaxed. If you don’t have any obligations, and no one waits for you at home, why not stay for another round of drinks with your friends at a local bar?

Many would give anything to have an option like that, and that’s why casual dating sounds much more attractive. A casual partner will never call to check on you when you’re out having fun or having some time for yourself. Every decision you make will only affect you, and you’ll never worry about upsetting someone with your moves. 

If you feel you need more time and space to go out and be yourself, then casual dating is something you should give a chance.

Our opinion is that people who are not happy spending too much time with one person should look for an alternative to make them feel alive again. With more free time at their hand, the options are limitless on how to use it. 

6. No Emotions Involved

If you’re not ready to fall in love or to share your emotions with others, casual dating gives you an option to forget about any type of feelings when seeing someone.

We’re all witnesses of how love can make us feel miserable and how the feeling of a broken heart can ruin someone’s life. Yes, we’ve all been there at one point.

Casual dating allows you to put aside emotions and let your body enjoy all the pleasures without involving any feelings of love. 

When both of you are cold-blooded about each other, you can spend time enjoying things you like without worrying if that will make you emotionally attracted. Some of us are not ready to commit our hearts and souls, and we would rather exclude that when seeing others.

However, you should always think twice when you’re thinking about starting casual dating, as it might not be the thing for you. Do you easily fall in love with someone you find attractive? Can you resist that from happening?

If you think you can’t hold your emotions reserved when seeing someone casually, you should give it a second thought. People will accept your invitation for a casual date. However, if they feel you’re expressing some emotions, they might refuse you from seeing them again if they’re not looking for a commitment.

7. No Hard Breakups

As mentioned above, a broken heart is hard to deal with, as breakups could lead to a depression hard to deal with, no matter how strong you are.

People that have never had their heart broken by someone they love are probably some of the luckiest people on the planet. Some might say that a person we love the most can easily ruin our lives with one simple goodbye note left on the phone or written on a piece of paper.

Do you remember the time when you felt like that? Would you rather forget that time ever existed?

Luckily, casual dating gives you the option to forget about hard breakups, and you can feel comfortable about your heart staying safe and sound. You can rest assured you won’t go through another rough period whenever one of you decides it’s time to let go.

When there are no emotions involved in dating, every breakup will feel more like a friendly goodbye than a heartbreaking scene where some of you might suffer for quite some time.

Forget about feeling blue about someone if you can get back on track by finding someone else to share some casual moments you’ll both enjoy.

8. No Jealousy

If you hate jealousy, and you would prefer to date someone that won’t make any scenes when you go out with someone else, then casual dating is perfect for you.

When you set the rules of dating in the beginning, no one can get jealous if you decide to go out with others and have some fun. Many bad things happened because one person was too jealous to handle seeing their partner with someone else.

We recommend casual dating for those who want to avoid these scenarios and feel comfortable going out with others. Excluding jealousy from the equation will set the field for something even more beautiful and exciting.

When you find someone to date, let them know you might see others and that they can expect to see you doing it. Prepare them for what might happen and ask them if that would cause any problems.

Communicating, in the beginning, helps both of you make a set of rules to follow and make your casual dating successful. 

In Conclusion

Casual dating becomes one of the most attractive options for all those not looking to fall in love but looking to share some other pleasures of life. Our article covered the reasons why you should consider this type of dating, as it will help you find inner peace while still playing the dating game.

If you feel casual dating is something worth trying, prepare yourself for an adventure of a lifetime where you’ll meet many great people sharing the same desires.