A Beginner’s Guide to Foot Fetishes

Foot with Heel Shoe

In modern times, most of the things we thought of as taboo slowly became common, and we talk about them as something quite normal. Many people have more courage to express their sexual preferences and their hidden desires.

As we hear more and more different and kinky stuff, we learn that humans are a bit weird about sex and everything involving it. Ordinary folks consider some fetishes as too exotic and would never consider trying them with their partners.

The reason behind that is that most people would not see fetishes with an open mind, and they would never research what involves them and how much passion and excitement they can bring into their sex lives. 

Foot fetish, also known as podophilia, is one of those acts still surrounded with doubt for many common folks. Without a proper introduction, they will continue to avoid talking about it. For that reason, we researched this fetish and gathered important information that will introduce this exciting act.

Why Do People Love Kinky Sex?

It’s a wide-known fact that some couples lose their lust and often have trouble creating a spark to bring back the excitement to their sex lives. After some time, conventional sex involving regular sex positions becomes a bit bland, and couples tend to lose interest as it becomes a routine. 

Is there anything worse than losing your desires toward someone you love the most?

Getting fed up with conventional sex with someone you care about often leads to serious problems in relationships and could spark a painful breakup in the future. 

Even though losing interest in marriage is a thing, it could also happen to casual couples that keep their emotions away from their sex lives.

Casual couples that want to fire a spark back in their bedroom start exploring other options they could incorporate while having sex, and that leads them to learn more about new and exotic things to try in bed.

Something that they would never even consider arousing and exciting is precisely the thing that could save their casual relationships and bring back the lust they felt in the beginning. When looking into different stuff they can try, they often learn more about themselves and things that turn them on.

Fetishes like BDSM, foot fetish, cuckolding, bondage, gagging, humiliation, etc., are often a life-saver to couples looking to bring back lust into their relationships.

Foot fetish Is Common

Believe it or not, foot fetishism is one of the oldest and most practiced sexual acts to this date, and you would be surprised how many people lose their minds over it. 

As a beginner in the world of foot fetish, you will slowly realize how many people found their most desired things and how much they enjoy worshiping feet as the most erotic thing in the whole universe.

Don’t believe it? Well, some men tend to lose their minds over a pair of feet they find attractive, and they would give up their wealth to have their way with them. In cases where someone is a hardcore feet enthusiast, they might end up falling in love with someone with a perfect pair of feet and start a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Foot fetish involves different acts, and it’s different from person to person what they would find most exciting. It begins from small things like massaging or kissing, and it goes to more kinky stuff like worshiping, gagging, sucking, and masturbation. 

Maybe you haven’t even considered these things as erotic, but until you do a bit of research and see some videos of people practicing it, you’ll never know if a foot fetish is something that can make your blood boil.

Woman Touching Her Right Leg

Importance of Hygiene

Hygiene is important in all aspects of our lives, especially when we’re having sex with others. When practicing foot fetishism, hygiene should be on top of priorities before and after your sessions every single time. 

STDs are always something we should consider while having sex. Believe it or not, some STDs like genital or oral herpes and HPV (Papillomavirus) transmit by skin contact and can lead to serious health problems.

We don’t think that we should spend much time talking about risks involving STDs, as you probably know the risks and problems they involve and how they can change your life forever.

Besides dangerous STDs, skin infections are the next worst thing you can spread if you don’t keep proper hygiene. Some of the most common skin infections are athlete’s foot, fungal infections, and Molluscum contagiosum

If you’re planning to enter the exciting world of foot fetishism, keep in mind the hazards of not maintaining proper hygiene for both you and your partner. 

The Best Learning Material

As a beginner, you will face many unknown aspects of foot fetishism, and learning more about performing it requires proper informal material.

One of the easiest ways of learning how to perform the best foot fetish acts is by watching many available videos on porn sites. We’re blessed to live in the age of free porn sites, and you can use them to collect valuable information.

When exploring these videos, you can check out all variations of foot fetishism and learn to best perform while in bed with your partner. 

We recommend videos as your primary source of information because it’s the best way to figure out what makes you most excited about feet and what you would like to try with your partner.

Other useful sources of information are different online groups and forums full of people with the same desires and fetishes. You’ll find many that would gladly help you with any questions regarding your interests, and you can feel free to ask experienced members how to make the first steps.

As much as you spend time learning about different practices, you’ll find different stuff that can set your sex life on fire. 

Woman Talking with Male in Lighting Room

Talking to Your Partner About a Foot Fetish

Expressing kinky sexual desires to your partner is not always an easy thing to do. You’ll have to approach it correctly if you want to share your thoughts in ways your partner would understand.

Communication is the key to any relationship type, even if we talk about marriage or casual dating. We understand there will always be a bit of pressure when mentioning to your partner about your lust for their feet, but you should start feeling comfortable about it.

Setting the right mood is the first thing you should do, as you will have better luck talking about the sensitive topic when the person feels comfortable next to you. We suggest preparing a nice dinner accompanied by your favorite alcoholic beverages to ease the tension.

You can start by mentioning the idea of foot fetishism to see the initial reaction of your partner and if something like that sparked an interest and a positive reaction. 

You will get a boost of morale if your casual partner reacts positively about the topic, and you can continue exploring the subject until you can spill out the words and talk about your kinky desires.

How Worshiping is a Part of Foot Fetish

When we mention worshiping as a kinky sex act, we would primarily relate it with a form of BDSM that many find arousing and out of this world. Even though it’s a big part of BDMS, it’s also applicable in foot fetishism.

Worshiping can arouse many by putting themselves in a submissive position, leaving feet with a dominant role in the sex play. In such a scenario, men enjoy acting in a submissive role over a gentle gender acting as a dominant side. 

There’s something in our psychics where we love to feel inferior and submissive, and it can make us feel ecstatic. To enhance the experience, many include a shoe fetish while practicing feet worshiping, as they believe it adds a dose of sex appeal to the whole game.

If your casual partner is into playing the worshiping game with their feet, you can let them play the dominant role to feed their ego and senses while being in charge and worshiped. Hardly anyone would pass an opportunity to be in such a role, as it can bring a lot into your sex life.

Should You Feel Like a Pervert?

Even though many would classify foot fetishism as a pervert thing, it’s quite the opposite. The brightest minds classify foot fetish as an ordinary sexual activity such as stimulating erogenous zones on your body.

Formally, scientists claim that feet share the same cortex in the brain as our genitalia. They claim that neural pathways in our brain can interchange and cross each other’s paths and stimulate the brain in similar ways. 

Therefore, stimulating feet and toes as a sexual act is a natural thing. No one should feel like they have a problem getting aroused when practicing or even thinking about a foot fetish. Our body is still a big mystery, but as we learn more about how it works, we learned many taboos are pretty normal and natural.

You should feel confident when realizing that you are one of the people that find foot fetish as a sexual preference, and no one should ever make you feel like a pervert.

Even though you practice a foot fetish or you would like to start with your casual partner, avoid going out public about it for some time. The broad masses are still not educated enough to understand such fetishes, and they might draw false conclusions. 

Enjoy your sex life in privacy, and forget about what the world might think about a foot fetish or any other.

Foot With Rope

It Works Well with BDSM

BDSM has a lot in common with foot fetishism, as dominatrix can use their feet and boots to dominate over the submissive partner. 

They use high heel boots to dominate by pressing their partner’s face to the floor or add pressure on their genitals. The dominatrix can use many different methods to induct pain with their feet and make them feel even more in charge with someone enjoying foot humiliation.

Same as a foot fetish, many believe BDSM is still taboo and has no place in society. However, both fetishes found a place in our lives, and we shouldn’t feel bad about practicing them. 

BDSM is another way to enjoy intimate moments, and in most cases, it doesn’t involve conventional sex. The same as foot fetish, BDSM sparks our senses to make us ecstatic and aroused, and it may exclude all kinds of penetration.

Some people find it hard to believe we can perform sex even without having it, as sex is not only about genital penetration. It involves much more, and we can use only our senses to have some of the best sex we could imagine.

Foot fetish and BDSM are the best examples of that, and it’s up to us to discover more ways to arouse our senses to enhance that experience. 

In Conclusion

As a beginner in the exciting world of foot fetish, you will discover many new erotic ways to practice sex and share some incredible moments with your casual partner.

Learning new things will open new horizons for you, and you will experience things like never before. Remember not to listen to uneducated critics who might tell you that there’s something wrong with you for feeling like that, as they can never understand your emotions and desires.

We encourage you to start experimenting with your casual partner and take your encounters to a whole new level. You never know what other places your curiosity might take you to.