Find Casual Flings While Traveling: 10 Tips to Lead You to Exotic Hookups

Casual Hookup on a Trip

Casual flings are always a lot of fun, and traveling to more or less exotic places is as well – and combining those two guarantees a perfect time. The hookup culture itself has its specific obstacles, even if you are used to it. When you’re playing on the foreign court, the rules are different. 

However, every place on earth has its own unique hookup culture. While there are apparent differences, they’re just the things that make travel that much more beautiful.

In this article, we’re going to cover some ground rules when you want to hook up on your next exotic trip. Make sure to consider these ten tips on finding your casual flings on vacation, pack your bags, and run into an exciting brand new adventure.

1Consider the Place You’re Going to Visit

The place you’re going to visit is essential for various reasons. Perhaps, the most important would be the potential cultural difference between your environment and the one you’re visiting.

Believe it or not, there are places where hookup sex is still a taboo. Besides the common factor – mingling around with somebody’s wife, sister, or daughter can end up very messy. While this rule is mostly based around male travelers, you’re not safe as a woman either. You don’t want to be mingling with someone’s man, or the results can be very nasty.

Depending on the part of the world you’re visiting, there are unique differences in the hookup culture and similar types of relationships. You should always do your best to remain as polite as possible by showing some respect to the place you are going to.

All in all, doing a little bit of research on the topic will not only help you increase your chances of fulfilling the hookup bucket list.

2Consider Your Time Restraints

Think about the time you have, and how much of it are you willing to spend on an exotic hookup. Spending too much time on your hookups by meeting a person and keeping to them around for days, isn’t the right decision if you want to be free of any interruptions during your trip.

Hookups tend to get clingy if you leave them alone for too long. On the other hand, meeting a fun person to show you the city isn’t a bad option. A bright and flourishing friendship could be born from your one night stand as long as you play your cards right.

If you’re looking for a hookup for the sole purpose of hooking up with someone, you don’t want to mess around and waste your valuable time. You can go into a brothel if it’s legal there as well, yet it’s probably more fun to mess around at some party and meet the nightlife.

3Make a Target Group

Making a target group is going to ensure a better hookup. If you approach the whole thing with a plan in mind, you’re almost guaranteed more success.

First of all, you will need to learn more about how the natives approach hookup culture itself. In some parts of the world, hooking up is a big no-no, while in other regions, it’s seen as a part of everyday life.

Keep that in mind when you’re making a target group. Alternatively, many things aren’t country bound, and that is entirely universal.

Everyone has their specific type, and most of us are aware of it. Use your kind to target your group, and make sure to target the places as well. If you’re really into the party culture, make sure to find out where the best parties are held – on the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit kinkier, the local swingers/fetish club will probably have you covered.

Once you make a target group based on your specific type and the particular country you’re visiting – it’s time to get to the mingling.

4Find Their Dating Apps

When it comes to casual hookups, dating apps are becoming the most popular option around the globe. Nowadays, every country on earth has its dating apps or geo-centered variations of popular apps.

After making an account on the most popular dating app of the place you are willing to visit, the next step would be to create your profile. Now, you’re likely a dating professional, and you know what you should include into your profile, but for those that aren’t aware, here is a quick brief:

  • Your full name
  • Your hobbies and pastimes
  • Many good pictures
  • Great description
  • Catchy bio
  • Inviting feel

If you choose to meet someone before you come to their country or city, that might be an even better idea. Setting up a date before your trip will make it easier to hook up once you get there.

Having a friend in the place, visiting, or making one along the way is also going to be very useful. If you don’t hook up with them, they might help you find a hookup though city knowledge. Having a local by your side is a real lifesaver.

It’s an implied rule to avoid scammers and creepy people on these kinds of apps and websites, yet they aren’t always visible at first sight. Keeping that in mind, getting acquainted with someone online a week or two before your trip will give you more time to determine their intentions.

5Learn Something About Their Pop-culture

There are a lot of differences between the two cities of the same state when it comes to pop-culture, imagine how big the cultural gap is between two sides of the planet. That is why you’re going to need to research the local pop culture and get into the nitty-gritty as much as you possibly can. Now, this is by far the best way to connect with the locals.

Since the whole world is connected, there are certain similarities between pop-cultures around the globe, yet those are sometimes hard to see.

Something ordinary back home can be considered vulgar in another other country. For example, giving carnations or, even worse, chrysanthemums to a French would make things awkward, because in France these are associated with ill will and graveyards respectively. Whoops, you just told her she looks like a corpse.

Don’t focus on the similarities between your culture and theirs – just research like you never heard of them and expanded your knowledge about it. It will, for sure, help you connect with the local milieu.

6Research About Their Tradition

This one isn’t strictly dedicated to the topic of casual hookups, yet can be of good use. First of all, we are all unconsciously influenced by our tradition – despite what we might think. That means connecting with locals easily – it’s an excellent choice to learn a thing or two about their country and tradition.

Their tradition often comes from some upbringing standards – respect them, but avoid blindly following them. Some customs are still an everyday thing, but some are a bit outdated and only practiced by a handful of people.

Find out which customs are still practiced daily – it’s a matter of politeness and will probably help you increase a chance of finding a casual fling or at least you’ll find some useful ways to connect with the locals.

Besides the matter of hookups and casual sex, a significant point of the journey is to further meet your destination, their traditions, customs, and history.

7Find Popular Places To Hangout

As your experience probably taught you, your chances of finding a hookup partner increase when you are connecting with people of your interests. If you go outside your borders, the same rule applies.

Finding a place to hangout is often an easy task, especially if you go to the place with a vibrant nightlife. You can always research on the internet about famous places in the town/city you’re going to. They’re often lined up by ratings on the Google review. 

Find those with better ratings, yet you should consider a few specifications about the place you want to hang out in. Those would be:

  • The target group of the area – If you’re naturally a little shy and have a problem breaking the ice, it’s probably best to stick to a relatively known environment. Try to find a place that attracts people of similar interests to help you feel more confident.
  • Find a place near your apartment – Wandering around after the night out in the place you’re not familiar with isn’t always a fun idea. Try to find a place where you’d like to hang out as near your residence as possible. If you can’t do that, consider spending the day wandering the city streets to get familiar with them.
  • The popularity of the place –If you’re the friendly type and you’re into large gatherings, you should look for a more crowded place. More people means a higher chance to find a possible hookup, yet it means nothing if you aren’t into that kind of thing. 

8Brake the Language Barrier

You should work on breaking the language barrier between you and the locals, especially in areas with a small percentage of fluent English speakers.

You should just work on breaking that language barrier – it will help you manage various situations better. Learning several useful phrases and ways to ask frequent questions to lessen the gap between your language and theirs is always great, especially if you want to hook up.

9Leave on Time

Hookups are generally a pretty delicate thing. Finding a one-night stand on a trip will definitely improve your travel experience, yet there is always a chance of screwing it up. It’s still important to know when to leave and continue with the mission in another place. 

You probably know from the experience that the clubs or other places where you hangout are swarming with creeps. When you detect a small chance that your potential hookup is possibly some creepy stalker, leave immediately and don’t look back. Always trust your gut instinct when it comes to these things, especially if you’re playing on foreign grounds.

There is a small chance of bumping into anyone seriously harmful, yet avoiding any kind of disturbance is highly suggestible.

10 Safety First

When you go on a trip, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of preservatives on hand. You never know when it will be your lucky night, and letting the chance fade just out of your hand because of a damn condom isn’t a happy end.

Remember to take good care of your protection. Placing your condom in a wallet or a tiny pocket without enough space will harm your preservative, rendering it unusable.

According to that, you should use any kind of preservatives for the sexual act. There are plenty of options when it comes to this topic, and if you can’t find the one you’re used to – do some research and find the local equivalent of your preferred brand. Perhaps you might find a unique and exciting condom that will “brighten” up your evening.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re considering a casual fling the very best part of your journey or just a small detail which leads you to a perfect trip – you should consider these tips.

In an unfamiliar environment, you often face some unusual restraints – so make sure to follow these tips and ensure your travels are riddled with hookup success. Most of all, remember to have a nice trip!