10 Best Sugar Daddy Sites for Dating a Sugar Baby or Daddy in 2023

Sugar Daddy Giving His Gold Card

Finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby in real life almost seems like an impossible task. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on the entire idea. Namely, with the modern age and advanced technology, now we can meet new people online.

In reality, finding your special someone has never been easier since there are countless sugar daddy sites to fit everyone’s needs. You don’t have to go out and socialize just to get in touch with someone you’re interested in. Instead, simply browse sites with a much wider member base from the comfort of your home.

However, many of these websites are filled with fake accounts, bots, and scams, so finding genuine websites is crucial not to waste your time. Here’s a list of the 10 best sugar daddy sites which will surely fulfill all your expectations.

Top Sugar Dating Websites for 2023

Monthly Visits
Top Country
US 67.12%
US 63.49%
US 91.00%
US 69.73%
US 84.55%

1. Seeking

Seeking, better known among the members as Seeking Arrangement, is among the most popular sites intended for finding a sugar baby or daddy. Since its launch in 2006, this website has a long tradition of successfully connecting people with similar interests, and it’s currently the largest website on the internet in this niche.

As one of the initial dating sites of this nature, Seeking.com subverted traditional dating methods and brought something completely new to the online dating community. Seeking goes by its name Seeking Arrangement to signalize its members that a relationship can be a blend of business and pleasure.

When it comes to the Seeking membership, it’s got over 10 million active users worldwide. However, the USA places as the top country using this website, which is understandable since it was founded in the same place.

Seeking has a fast and easy sign-up process that you can complete in around 5-10 minutes, so the users can enjoy all the website’s features immediately after registration. The members need to provide at least one picture and confirm their identity to gain access to messaging services.

Overall, Seeking is a safe website which ensures their members are real people with genuine intentions, making it a great choice for anyone looking for sugar daddy dating.

2. Sugar Daddy Meet

The second website on our list is Sugar Daddy Meet. What makes this dating site stand out from the others is its availability. Namely, while other websites widen their access to more and more countries across the globe, Sugar Daddy Meet is limited to individuals living in one of the top 20 richest countries in the world.

It makes the website’s member base more concentrated and ensures the sugar daddies are up to the standards and truly deliver. With almost 2 million members, 1.4 million of which are sugar babies, this is the perfect website to go with if you’re a wealthy gentleman looking for some companion.

However, keep in mind that Sugar Daddy Meet, besides its geographical limitations, has a stricter user policy. For example, you have to agree to the website’s guidelines, and the sign-up process can take a while to complete since you need to provide a photo, write a profile headline, write one paragraph about yourself, and one about what you’re looking for in a partner.

Although this website has a complex sign-up process, the results are incomparable to any other sugar daddy site. There are almost no fake profiles due to the strict guidelines, and the users can enjoy a myriad of features the website provides its users.

3. What’s Your Price

What’s Your Price has quite a different concept than the rest of the dating sites. Essentially, the idea of this website is to skip all the unnecessary chit-chat before asking a person out on a date and get straight to the point without kicking the fun out of the process.

So, how does it work? The generous members place bids to win a date, and the attractive members choose which bid they’ll take. This simple process brings more fun to online dating and removes all the stress. Although there aren’t any set predispositions, most of the generous members are men, while most attractive members are women.

Creating a profile on What’s Your Price is quite simple, fast, and easy. All you need to do is provide some basic information regarding your traits and physical appearance, establish your purpose for using the website, and that’s it! Then, all that’s left for you to do is placing or waiting for the bids.

Without any additional features or premium memberships, What’s Your Price is one of the most straightforward and simplest tools for finding a date.

4. Secret Benefits

Secret Benefits is another sugar daddy site offering great features and an opportunity to meet interesting new people. Unlike other websites, Secret Benefits has a modern, sleek, and minimalistic design which makes it much easier to navigate through. Without any unnecessary details, you can focus on the members and making a connection with them.

Besides a high-quality website design, sugar daddy dating with Secret Benefits offers several other advantages. It features a diverse member base regarding age, location, ethnicity, and interests, so you’re bound to find someone you’ll make a perfect connection with.

This website also employs state-of-the-art safety and security measures, so all members need to go through a detailed analysis before they’re verified. Not only does this process eliminate all fake profiles, but it also prevents any unauthorized data access and maintains the cybersecurity of its members.

5. Established Men

Established Men is the ideal choice for all sugar babies or sugar daddies finding a companion to meet their needs. Although not strictly limited to these kinds of relationships, Established Men is most famous for the number of well-off, mature men looking for younger women.

Since this dating site requires a detailed profile, all members receive match suggestions immediately upon finishing the registration process.

Another great advantage of Established Men is the possibility of communication between free members. While most online dating websites limit the communication opportunities for free members and motivate them to get a premium account, Established Men lets all users freely communicate through private messages or in a chatroom.

Furthermore, the website also offers top-notch design and usability. With a simple and clear layout, users can easily navigate through the site and find what they’re looking for. The only con of Established Men is the lack of a mobile app that would be a better choice for all users on-the-go. Besides that, this is a well-rounded app with excellent features.

6. Miss Travel

As you can guess from this website’s name, Miss Travel is a website intended for all people seeking a travel companion. Although not strictly limited to finding your perfect getaway buddy, this is the websites’ most important feature.

What’s great about Miss Travel is that this website is equally suitable for sugar daddies and sugar babies, with its large member base of over 1 million. With an equal proportion of male and female members, this is one of the rare occasions where all members have an equal chance of finding someone suitable for their needs.

Male members are generally well-established men over 30 who love the luxurious travel lifestyle and are looking for someone special to share their experience with. On the other hand, the female members are typically young and seek offers from mature men to accompany them on their trips free of cost.

So, you can use the features of Miss Travel to post any upcoming trips you’d rather attend with someone by your side or to explore the offers and travel the world for free.

7. Sugar Daddie

For our next site, let’s get back to the basics. Sugar Daddie is a great and well-rounded dating website perfect for everyone searching for long-term companionship and involvement. With many mature, rich men and young, beautiful women, this website is the best starting website for a sugar daddy or baby.

The registration process is quick and simple, which you can complete within 5 minutes. Then, you can add hobbies, interests, or any details about you which describe you the best and change them whenever you want to update your profile. With all members having the ability to browse and view other profiles, you will immediately know when you come across a person with similar interests.

With simple navigation and a clean design, Sugar Daddie is one of the most practical sugar daddy sites. Also, there are no ads or pop-ups, which often annoy and ruin the experience. Keeping in mind that older generations aren’t that up-to-date with the latest technology, many wealthy men choose this website to look for a companion.

8. Your Travel Mates

Another excellent dating site focusing on the travel theme is Your Travel Mates. It isn’t your typical sugar daddy site since the website promotes much more than that. Besides finding the perfect companion for the upcoming trip, Your Travel Mates is often used to plan trips together and even spark some romantic interest.

This is one of the rare occasions where men dominate the scene, so if you’re a young woman who loves to travel the world and wants to meet a new man in her life, then this is the perfect website for you. The member base largely contains young to middle-aged men from all continents sharing one passion – traveling.

 Diversity is probably the biggest advantage of Your Travel Mates. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from different places, cultures, and with various interests. Also, you’ll get a chance to visit some of the most exotic places in the world.

9. Sugar Daddy For Me

Although the website’s outdated design might not leave a very good first impression, Sugar Daddy For Me is among the most used websites for these kinds of purposes. With over 4 million members across the USA, 500 thousand members online monthly, and 2 thousand daily logins, Sugar Daddy For Me has a very active and responsive user base.

The major reason for such a large member base is the diversity the website offers its users. Namely, you can determine whether you’re a sugar daddy, mommy, baby, or boy during the registration process. Additionally, the website also offers a special option for anyone looking for some extramarital company.

The profiles are quite detailed, so the users get the impression they know a bit the person they’re in contact with. Additionally, if you’re only a basic member, this website is still useful to you since you can send several messages daily and view profiles.

10. Sugar Daddy

With one of the best domains, be careful not to confuse SugarDaddy.com with SugarDaddie.com. Although pronounced the same, these two websites are two completely different websites.

When it comes to Sugar Daddy, it’s one of the more recent online dating sites in this niche. Nevertheless, since its launch, the website has succeeded in attracting many members with its seductive and luxurious black and gold design, and the member base is growing richer and more diverse every day.

The 3-day trial Sugar Daddy offers its users is a great feature everyone should take advantage of. It gives you enough time to get to know the website, browse members, and see whether you like it or not.

If you do, a quick and simple sign-up is all that’s needed to get started and contact someone. Ultimately, what sets Sugar Daddy apart from all the previously mentioned websites is the premium plan which allows you and the person you’re messaging to send unlimited messages, even if the other person isn’t a premium member.


To sum everything up, countless websites are offering all kinds of dating services, including friendships, travel companions, marriages, entertaining relationships, and much more. However, not all websites have the same quality, and some of them have quite a bad reputation.

To ensure you’re not wasting your time, check out these 10 best sugar daddy sites to meet real people who share similar interests with you and use the opportunity to get to know them better.