Top 10 Swingers Sites like FabSwingers You Can Use To Connect With Local Couples in 2023

Swingers Walking Through Town Together at Night

Finding local couples and other swingers, in general, has certainly seen a revivification in the internet era. The anonymity that the internet provides and the simplicity have led some people who would have never even considered meeting someone online previously.

That’s why websites like FabSwingers have blossomed over the years. To this day, they have one of the more active and engaging communities out of all the “casual dating” websites out there.

However, the times are moving on, and that’s why we’d like to introduce you to 10 other sites which you can use instead of or alongside FabSwingers to optimize your search and open yourself up to more people.

Top Swingers Sites and Apps Like FabSwingers for 2023

Rank Website Monthly Visits Top Country
#1 Adult Friend Finder 58.54M US 80.42%
#2 Zever 185K US 76.47%
#3 Swing Lifestyle 7.11M US 98.66%
#4 Kasidie 1.69M US 96.38%
#5 SDC 2.81M US 44.66%

1. Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder Logo

Right off the bat, let’s start with one of the bigger sites for swingers out there. Adult Friend Finder is an online dating platform where you can find the swingers much more easily, whether you’re looking for couples or singles.

You can browse the site as much as you want, as registration is both easy and free, but to get into serious contact with somebody, you’ll probably need the premium membership.

Speaking about the premium membership – it will grant you access to some very cool features on the website like instant messaging, live video chats, and access to the full photos and videos that other people are posting. You can also partake in the website feature called Hot or Not, which is very reminiscent of modern mobile dating apps and captures the familiar “swiping” element.

It’s pretty fun, but if you’re looking for a Adult Friend Finder application, you’re out of luck, as you can only access the platform through the website.

2. Zever

Zever Logo

While on the subject of applications, let’s cover the first full app on this list – Zever. If you’re into threesomes, Zever is the app to be on. Whether you’re a couple looking for their unicorn, or you’re the unicorn looking for a couple to have fun with, the easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to make an account on this application.

The registration process isn’t that easy and simple, though, as all the input information is manually reviewed, which can take up to several hours on occasion.

However, that means that the amount of fake profiles and bots is brought to a minimum, and once you get through the registration process, it’s smooth sailing. You should be able to match and get in contact with your unicorn or couple very easily, and with the three-way video chat they offer, it’s quite easy to set up a meet if you hit it off.

The only real downside of the app is that it’s directed at people looking for threesomes specifically, so if you’re looking to couple swap, you should probably keep looking for a site or an app.

3. Swing Lifestyle

SwingLifestyle Logo

Now we’re getting into the real deal of what swingers dating websites should offer – Swing Lifestyle, or SLS for short, is the embodiment of what a website specifically designed for finding local swingers should have. You can test it out for yourself, as registration is free.

However, to view uncensored photos and videos or send messages to other users, you’ll need to become a member. You can still view messages as a free user, as well as the basic info on other peoples’ profiles, and enter group chats.

As a member, you get to enjoy some very unique features that SLS has to offer, like Hot Date, Swinger Clubs, and even a travel agency. To bring it a bit closer to you, Hot Date allows users to mark a day in the calendar when they are available for meetups or, essentially, dates.

As for the Swingers Clubs, it isn’t something the website devs update – it’s powered by the community that posts the locations and basic rules of their swingers clubs, which can be a great way to find out something new, maybe even in your neighborhood.

4. Kasidie

Kasidie is another prime example of a dating website that encompasses many preferences and caters to your specific needs. You can register as a single or as a couple and get into contact with other singles and couples fairly easily.

Before that, you’ll need to register an account. If you wish to do it, you can fill out their personality test, which consists of about 30-40 questions about your general personality and sexual preferences and fantasies. That helps the algorithm understand what it is you’re looking for, but you can, of course, skip it if you think it’s too much of a hassle.

To get into contact with whoever it is you want, you need to be a paying member. However, as a free user, you can still view some of the website’s most important features – club listings and parties, and events.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, and you can assume from the remainder of the information that both refer to places and events where swingers can get together and meet.

5. SDC

SDC or Swingers Date Club is one of the largest platforms for swingers out there, and they’ve been going strong for over 20 years now. There’s a huge amount of registered users, which is good because there’s no matchmaking involved, and you only get to browse and contact profiles that are currently online.

Of course, the contacting part is reserved for paying members, as that’s one of the features that you unlock by becoming one. However, even as a free user, you get access to group chats, real-life events like speed dating, and much more.

You can also do all of that easily from your mobile device, as they have an app that has all the same features as the website, only streamlined and adjusted to fit your phone screen. You can get it on the Google Play Store, iTunes, and even on Windows.

All in all, a membership on SDC is a fun and safe experience that can lead to some real-world connections.

6. Swing Towns

Swing Towns is a platform like FabSwingers that’s truly made for open-minded people of all walks of life. When it comes to swinging specifically, yes, you can find other couples or singles that are into that, but there’s so much more.

You can find polyamorous groups of people who are either looking for someone new or are just into swinging. You can also get in contact with people who share your kinks and find yourself a partner, or partners, who’ll make your fantasies come through.

Signing up is free and fairly simple, but if you want to enjoy the website to its fullest, you need to become a paying member. That way, you get access to an advanced search filter, instant messaging, and a couple of other neat little tricks.

All in all, it’s a very good platform for any open-minded person looking for someone to share an adventure with.

7. Swinger Zone Central

Swinger Zone Central, or SZC for short, is a website for swingers from all around the globe. There isn’t much to be added regarding it – it’s a great platform to meet people, find events and set up real-world meetings. However, it is sadly a bit of an outdated website.

The interface is simple and user-friendly enough, but if you’re looking for something flashy, this isn’t the one for you. However, if you don’t care about that, SZC definitely gets the job done and lets you get in contact with local swingers fairly quickly.

Once you get signed up, you get a 30-day trial period, where you get access to most of the website’s features. Once the month is up, though, you need to become a paying member or stop browsing it. You don’t have to pay anything upfront, so you can test the waters and see if this website is right for you.

8. Swinging Heaven

Swinging Heaven started in the UK and still holds sway in the island’s swinging community. However, it has since moved on to be recognized worldwide as a platform that swingers can use to find others who share their interests.

You can link your and your partner’s profiles together, or if you’re single, simply use the optimized search engine to find whatever it is you’re looking for. All of that is available through a free account, but it is limited.

As a non-paying member, you can only send up to three messages a day, which isn’t much, but it’s sometimes enough to get the job done. You also won’t be able to see all the pictures posted on profiles, as a lot of them are only visible to other paying members.

However, if you do decide to invest in a membership, you’re in for an enjoyable ride that you won’t soon forget.

9. Lifestyle Lounge

While many of the websites on this list can be counted as regular dating sites, only with swingers as their target audience, Lifestyle Lounge is a bit different. It’s pretty NSFW from the get-go, and it’s pretty clear to anyone using it that it isn’t meant for you to find a date or someone to have a regular conversation with.

You are supposed to be looking for sexual partners, and that’s what most of the people who use it are doing. That being said, if it sounds interesting to you, go ahead and make an account.

It’s pretty easy to get registered, and once you do, nothing is stopping you from finding local swingers to have fun with. Some of the features are locked behind a paywall, of course, but that’s fairly usual.

The interesting thing about memberships here is that you can even get gift cards you can share with friends, and you can pay for them using cryptocurrency, which is advertised on the site.

10. Spicy Match

Spicy Match combines all the features that a website for swingers should have into one compact package you can access very easily. It’s not limited to just finding local swingers – it also lets you find events, swinger parties, and swinger clubs in your area.

You truly get to be part of the welcoming community swingers usually are. There’s a bunch of chatrooms and forums you can explore in addition to that. You can even enjoy the features like the Voyeur Cam, Travel Plans, and Speed Dating, which can be a lot of fun.

There’s a paid membership, but surprisingly, a lot of features are available without it. As long as you verify your account, you’ll be able to start browsing almost immediately and make contact with the singles, couples, and swingers generally.

Everybody has to fill out a pretty detailed survey on registration, which is great because you can see what the person whose profile you’re looking at wants straight away.


These were the 10 of the absolute best websites (and apps) like FabSwingers out there that swingers can use to swing. You can access them on the go or from the comfort of your home. But in the broader picture, that’s not what’s important.

The important thing is that they all have a community of their own that’s open to new members and can’t wait to share their events with you. Whether you’re single or signing up as a couple, you should have no trouble finding what it is you’re looking for.

Just remember to keep being open-minded, and you’re guaranteed to have some memorable experiences in the online world of swingers.