10 Best Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps for Bi People

Bisexual Love

Online dating has exploded in the past few years. We went from having to make up elaborate stories to prevent people from finding out that we’d met some online to sharing our dating profiles on every social media possible and boasting about all the hot guys and gals we’ve met in the virtual world.

But while dating sites and apps have come a long way, providing safe platforms where you can explore almost any sexual fantasy, kink, and fetish, they still have a ways to go. For all their diversity, with sites and apps for sugar babies and daddies, MILFs, BDSM enthusiasts, and more, there’s a serious lack of bisexual dating sites.

So, even though they make up the most substantial part of the LGBT community, over 40%, bisexuals don’t actually have a proper platform for finding a partner online.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you’re entirely out of options if you’re bisexual. You can still find what you’re looking for online, you just need to know where to look, and we’re here to help with that. Let’s check out some of the best dating sites and apps you can enjoy as a bisexual.

Top Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps for 2023

Rank Website Monthly Visits Top Country
#1 Adult Friend Finder 49.59M US 76.47%
#2 Bisexual Playground 210K US 90.77%
#3 Taimi 348K US 30.64%
#4 Bi Cupid 103K US 75.92%
#5 Feeld 310K US 33.80%

*User statistics are based on visits from the official website only, app traffic is not included since it’s unknown.

1. Adult Friend Finder

If you’re looking to have some fun and experiment with threesomes, then Adult Friend Finder could be an excellent choice. As an adult dating site that revolves around threesomes, it features a discreet and diverse community of over 100 million members worldwide. You can easily find someone you’re interested in and someone who’s somewhere in your area.

The site isn’t exclusively for hookups, and members can use it to find romance, relationships, one night stands, and anything in between.

You can sign up as a girl or guy looking for a couple or as a couple looking for their unicorn.

There are three tiers of members on Adult Friend Finder. You can access the site as a Guest, but you’ll only be able to browse through, you cannot send messages or post listings. Standard membership gives you access to a variety of different features, and you can upload photos and videos, like and comment on others’ posts, join chat-rooms, and more.

However, it’s the gold membership that unlocks all the features. You can send friend requests, see complete profiles, initiate messages, watch live member webcams, and so much more.

Overall, it’s an excellent site for a bisexual looking to have some fun, and the gold membership is well worth every cent.

2. Bisexual Playground

Bisexual Playground looks a bit outdated on the surface, but has a pretty active user base and can be a good choice for bisexuals and other members of the LGBTQ+ community.

The members are open-minded, friendly, and accepting. However, the only issue is that there are only about 800,000 of them scattered across North America, the UK, and Australia, so if you’re not from these places, you won’t have much luck finding a hookup here.

It’s still a great site, offering all the basic functionality such as messaging, group chats, advanced searches, forums, and more. There are only two membership tiers, free and paid, and of course, the paid membership will give you much more freedom.

3. Taimi

Taimi is one of the better-looking hookup apps designed for members of the LGBTQI+ community only. Whichever color of the rainbow you use to identify yourself, you’re sure to find a suitable match pretty quickly.

Taimi claims to have over 6 million active members, most of whom are from the US, but some Canadians, Australians, and others can fairly easily be found. While you’ll be able to cast a wide net if you’re from these countries, you might not enjoy it as much, depending on your age and preferences.

A vast majority of users are young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, so if you’re looking for someone older, you’ll have more luck on some other bisexual hookup sites and apps.

You can create an account on Taimi for free using Facebook, Snap Chat, or Google, and enjoy many of the benefits that other sites never actually offer without payment. With a free account, you can create your profile, specify your “bedroom role,“ and even chat with people with whom you’ve matched – aka, you liked their profile, and they liked yours.

If you want to send chat requests to profiles that haven’t matched with you, you’ll have to upgrade to Taimi XL. Still, it’s one of few apps that are actually usable with a free membership, so it’s worth giving a try.

4. Bi Cupid

One of the few actually good sites and the first developed specifically for bisexuals is Bi Cupid. It has a user base of over 2 million and is truly a well thought out and comprehensive platform that’s much more than a simple adult dating site.

The users have created an entire community on the site with thousands of blog posts, excellent forum and discussion groups, thoughtful dating advice, and so much more.

While it’s primarily created for bisexuals, heterosexual bi-curious singles and couples are welcome, and so are all the members of the LGBT community.

If you don’t want to pay to join a hookup site, Bi Cupid’s got you covered. The standard membership is entirely free, but naturally, you don’t have access to all the features.

As a standard member, you can create your profile and description, upload a few photos, and you can receive and reply to messages from gold members, but you cannot initiate the conversation.

As a gold member, you can do everything. Initiate conversations, sort your matches into lists, view videos (of often explicit content), use the advanced search, and more.

Bi Cupid has a feature that many experienced online daters will be familiar with. It’s a Tinder-type game where you’re presented with individual pictures of the site’s members, and you’re to swipe right or left, depending on whether you’re interested in the person or not. If both you and the other member “Heart” each other, you’ll get a notification, and you can start a conversation with them.

The best thing about Bi Cupid is that you can get the gold membership for free. If you report fake users or users who are spamming, promote the site on social media, share dating advice, and more, you could get a free gold membership.

5. Feeld

Feeld is an exciting app for anyone looking for a hookup, regardless of your sexual orientation. At sign up, you can choose from a wide variety of gender and sexual orientation options, and it all feels pretty inclusive.

There are about 2 million active members, but unfortunately, while certainly bi-curious, most of them are straight and from the US.

As soon as you join the site, you’ll see that many profiles have fake profile pictures, but don’t be discouraged by them. They’re not bots, they’re all real profiles, just of people concerned about their anonymity.

Security and privacy are taken seriously at Feels. You’ll need to use your Facebook account to sign up, but all your information is kept private. You can use a nickname on the app instead of your real name, and obviously, use fake pictures if you want to.

For free, you can create a profile and message members. For a fee, you can hide your profile from your Facebook friends who are also using this app, see who wants to connect with you and see when someone was last active.

6. Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating app by far. Not only when it comes to the number of users but also in terms of branding. Everyone has heard of Tinder, even 70-year old grandmas that don’t even know what bisexual dating is. In other words, with Tinder, you don’t have to worry about not finding matches.

However, with so many people, you can easily get overwhelmed – that’s the only downside of Tinder. It’s one of the best bisexual dating apps in the world, but people on Tinder are looking for all kinds of things, not just bisexual dating.

It takes time to get used to it and learn how to use it to get what you want. Lots of people use the free version of Tinder to date successfully.

7. HER

HER is a dating site aimed at lesbian, bisexual, and queer women. So, if you’re a bi girl looking for a man, or if you’re a Bi man, this site isn’t for you. Men aren’t allowed to create profiles here. If you’re, however, a woman interested in women, you’ll have plenty of luck finding just the right girl for you as there are over 4 million active members on this site.

While you can certainly find a hookup on this site, that’s not its sole purpose. It was developed in an attempt to build a community where queer women can meet, connect, and build relationships.

You can connect to HER through your Facebook or Instagram account, and your information from these platforms will be used for your new profile.

You’ll need to be a paying member if you’re to take advantage of HER, as a free account is essentially unusable. Only paying members can send messages, view events that are scheduled in your area, and more.

8. OkCupid

OkCupid is one of the largest and most popular dating sites, with over 50 million registered users worldwide. While it’s not designed specifically for bisexuals, it allows anyone of any sexual orientation and any gender to join. The community on OkCupid is diverse, so you’ll surely find plenty of matches.

When you sign up, you’ll take a personality test and answer some questions about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, relationship preferences, sexual orientation, and more. All this is to help the site find you a suitable match.

You have plenty of functionality with a free account, and you can search for matches, send messages, browse through profiles, and more. With a paid account, all the features are unlocked. You can see who liked your profile, use advanced search filters, and get a profile boost, among other things.

9. Bumble

Bumble is a dating platform that has an exciting twist. It breaks down social norms by giving the contact power into the hands of women. In other words, only women can start conversations within 24 hours.

The platform has an equal balance between men and women, even though men have to pay for their memberships. Women can join for free. It might seem unfair, but it gets rid of those annoying men who send dick pics right away.

However, Bumble isn’t just focused on bisexual dating – the platform is versatile, and you can meet all kinds of people, which can sometimes be annoying.

10. Grindr

Grindr is essentially like HER, but for men (although there are no restrictions that would prevent women from creating a profile there). The vast majority of its users are gay males, but there are millions of members, and you can find countless interesting people here.

You can join Grindr as a free member and still have an account you can use. You can send and receive messages, explore profiles, select your “Tribe,” even create group chats. As a paying member, you’ll get rid of the in-app ads, select three “Tribes,” block as many profiles as you want, and include as many profiles in your “favorites” as you want.

Profiles on Grindr are quite extensive, and you can even include your sexual health information on yours.

The Problem with Bisexual Dating Sites and Apps

Before we get into some of the best bisexual dating sites and apps, we need to first address the problem with them – there aren’t that many of them, and the few that exist are often poorly designed, to say the least.

Many of the individuals that identify as bi turn to either heteronormative or queer sites and apps. These solutions aren’t ideal, but they offer the majority of the necessary features for the effectiveness of the dating site:

  1. They’re affordable (and even free sometimes)
  2. They have a wider reach
  3. They have more users
  4. They have extensive profile customization options
  5. They have good search filters

All these features are exceptionally important, especially numbers 2 and 3. If you have a dating app with only a few hundred people on it, you won’t have much luck using it as it’s virtually impossible to find someone compatible in your vicinity.

Heteronormative Sites and Apps

Heteronormative sites and apps typically enjoy a much greater audience, so if you join them as a bisexual, your chances of finding an exciting person are increased. The problem is that you’ll have trouble finding someone of the same sex who shares your interests.

The second issue is that bisexuality is often over-sexualized on heteronormative platforms, especially for bi girls. You’ll likely have to deal with your fair share of creeps who want to know all about your same-sex experiences, the number of girls you slept with, which poses you’ve played with, what you did. It can be overwhelming and infuriating.

Of course, you can come across this issue on any hookup site, or anywhere online for that matter.

But, if you learn how to deal with this, some heteronormative apps and sites might be a good choice for a bi.

Queer Sites and Apps

To avoid being over-sexualized, many bisexuals turn to queer sites and apps. They aren’t without some issues of their own, however.

The primary problem is with the ever-growing focus on “gold star gays,” aka people who’ve never had sex with the opposite gender. If you’re not a gold star, many of the site’s users will simply ghost you.

Another issue is present on both queer and heteronormative sites – users don’t understand the concept of being bi. In their minds, you can either be straight or gay. There are no in-betweens, and it can get tiring explaining that no, you’re not confused, you’re not secretly 100% gay, and you’re not secretly 100% straight just because your last relationship was heteronormative.

All of these issues shed light on why it’s so important to find bisexual dating sites and apps that can actually help you find the type of partner you’re looking for.

In the sea of dating sites and apps, these are the ones that are best suited for bisexuals. Check them out, test your luck, and see whether you can find the right match for you.