Where to Find Casual Sex in 2023 with Craigslist Personals Gone?

Craigslist Persoals for Casual Sex

Are you looking for an amazing experience without dating and relationship obligations? Is it fair to just want to hookup and seek excitement and joy with no future expectations?

You are only in this strange town for one night, so a one-night stand sounds just right. However, if you hit the bars and clubs, you may need several days to get lucky, so you turn to the net. 

After the disappearance of Craigslist Personals, a lot of people were left high and dry, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Countless websites are trying to link casual people for casual sex, and we’re here to introduce you to the magical world of casual encounters.

Top Alternatives for Craigslist Sex in 2023

Rank Website Monthly Visits Top Country
#1 Adult Friend Finder 49.59M US 76.47%
#2 Craigslist Activity Partners 348M US 93.79%
#3 DirtyR4R 550K US 48.41%
#4 Doublelist 15.58M US 84.78%
#5 Bedpage 4.38M US 93.73%

1. Adult Friend Finder

AdultFriendFinder Logo

Adult Friend Finder represents large sex and swinger community, maybe one of the largest alternative to Craigslist Personals for casual sex in the whole world. Most of the users come from the USA, then from the United Kingdom and Canada. You can find a lot of possible matches just by typing in your zip code.

The registration process is fast, as they only request your email, username, password, and a short introduction. The website comes with a monthly fee, though.

Although it’s more male-oriented, there are more male than female profiles on the platform. Since there were some bad reviews lately, we think this platform is still doing fine.

Adult Friend Finder is a legit website, although there are many scammers, prostitutes, gold diggers, and fake profiles like on other websites of this type. You should be careful and patient, and eventually, you will have some fun. Everything about this website is sex-related.

Its focus is on casual sex rather than relationships. As they say: “Sign Up Now & Start Hooking Up Tonight.”

2. Craigslist Activity Partners

Craigslist Logo

Has everything from sleeping or sniffing partners to casual encounters.

The first purpose of this site is finding like basketball or chess partners, but people started using it to find sexual activity partners as well. There are a few reasons people come to Craigslist Activity Partners Section, despite the fact that the website doesn’t allow activities like this.

First of all, it’s because of the anonymity – people from your work or your area can’t find you easily find and share your profile. Nothing is more private than your sexual and dating interests, and Craigslist keeps it that way.

Secondly, it‘s absolutely free. Visiting other websites, you usually pay money to send and receive messages. Craigslist allows users to share their social media profiles or phone numbers, so you can easily see who you are about to date and how.

3. DirtyR4R

Reddit Logo

It’s Reddit’s platform, and it might be the best alternative for Craigslist Personal Ads. Reddit is in the top 10 visited websites in the world. DirtyR4R is free, and it’s anonymous, and the goal is to connect two Redditors for any purpose (including sex).

The funny thing is that casual hookup ads are mixed with many other types of different ads like poker or running buddies. It’s a bit hit or miss, and you may need to wait a while to get the right response, but it can be worth it.

4. Doublelist

Doublelist wants to provide you a hookup solution and fill the void that appeared by the disappearance of Craigslist Personals.

It’s an online personal service for casual sex, exploration, education, or even finding a date. You have the “Connect Now” and “Lets Date” option. When you find a user with similar interests, there is an option for a direct chat.

Local dating is the number one priority since all Doublelist ads are city filtered. The website is user-friendly, and navigation is super easy. Registration and authentication are done via phone, and your phone must be from the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada.

They fight spam on two levels – the first is phone registration, and the second is allowing users to report suspicious profiles or activities.

Doublelist is for people of all sexual orientations. You can connect with straight, gay, bi, and just curious people. Just define your needs and find casual sex.

5. Bedpage

Bedpage is more likely to be an escort, rather than a casual hookup site. This platform is desperately trying to replace Backpage with its design and content, but will it succeed? Only time will tell.

Many ads invite you to pay for sex, a lot of them have fake photos, and some are even prostitutes. This website is also full of ads, and although there are some decent ads leading to descent websites, the platform is a bit disappointing.

Above all, the website is not free, and you are basically paying to post an ad. There’s also a gift card problem – many users deposit their money, use only a small amount of it, and yet they when they check again it’s close to zero.

If you are willing to pay money for posting ads, there might be some better alternatives to Craigslist Personals for casual sex.

6. Swing Lifestyle

Swing Lifestyle is a very popular site among the swinger community. It’s one of the oldest swinger websites that exists since 2001, and although most users come from the USA, this platform is popular around the globe.

People on this website are good-looking and friendly towards new users. Simply put, they know what they want and expect. Swing Lifestyle claims to have over 16 million registered users and there are around five thousand active users at every point in time.

The process of registration is easy and well organized. You can search for couples, actions, and activities without adding your first photo. The pricing is very reasonable, and there is a cool option for lifetime registration.

With a huge user database, access to vacations, cruises, and events calendar, Swing Lifestyle is definitely worth visiting.

7. Locanto

Sell your truck and find someone to share your luck or hook up. This site, as the name suggests, is area-oriented, so you can expect to meet people living near your location.

Locanto’s primary purpose is Classified Ads rather than Hookups. Its “Personal” section is basically for erotic masseurs and escorts, but there are some casual encounters hookups among sections.

Personals are divided into three subsections with their subcategories:

  • Long-term Relationships
  • Casual Encounters
  • Professional Services

It’s a classical buy & sell website with a very good personal ad section.


Bondage remains ropes, straps, and chains. Either you are a dominant or submissive person, this site will help you spicing your sex life.

If you think you have tried everything, and you still want to explore your sexuality, this platform offers various types of fantasies and curiosity satisfying pleasures. Besides interacting with other members, there is also a lot of erotic and BDSM content.

Since this is a paid platform, users without a membership card cannot see or interact with other users. That’s how BDSM keeps member privacy safe.

Couples and singles are mostly heterosexual. Over 3 million users worldwide come mostly from the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. Also, Australia, Canada, Poland, Finland, and Germany don’t lag behind.

The approval process takes up to 72 hours, and profiles are very detail-oriented. We recommend putting your actual address, so the website can connect you with people from your area.

9. Classified Ads

Buy a shirt or go on a casual date – if you are patient, we’re sure you’ll find some casual hookups here. Just choose your area and narrow down your criteria.

Classified Ads was founded in 2011. It’s a free ad posting website for cars, jobs, real estate, and much more. Its “Personals” section is divided by six subcategories:

  1. Casual Dating
  2. Men Seeking Men
  3. Men Seeking Women
  4. Missed Connections
  5. Women Seeking Women
  6. Women Seeking Men

This website concept is reminiscent of Craigslist Personal Ads, but a lot of smoother. Most users come from the USA and India.

10. Kijiji

Are you in Canada? Meet her, him or shim, and make your wildest dream come true on this site.

Kijiji is a free Classified Ads website based in Canada, so If you are in Canada, this could be a good choice. It has a similar structure like Craigslist Personals – you are posting an ad on their website. Be sure to read rules and politics before posting.

Kijiji is a good way to find a job or a friend, but it’s not as good for some casual hookups. Their Community section offers categories like “Rideshare”, “Friendship & Networking”, “Missed Connections” and “Long Lost Relationship. Sometimes there are more ads and sometimes less.

Craigslist Personals Shutdown

No More Craigslist Personals

Since Craiglist Personal Ads no longer exists, many people find it difficult to find casual sex. Many anonymous websites are full of scammers and prostitutes. Despite that, there are many more men than women, so you have zero chances of finding similar-minded people for safe fun.

Relationships with no strings attached and no emotional obligations involved are much harder to find. In this article, we will try to reveal some problems with casual sex encounters and list some of the potentially valuable websites for meeting someone with the same life criteria as yours.

Be sure to check all the listed sites, and you will eventually find the platform that suits you the best. Even if you don’t know what you are looking for, these websites will help you find someone and express yourself.

Regular Dating Platforms

Many online dating platforms are suitable for users looking for romance and long term relationships. What about casual encounters? Regular dating sites are often paid platforms, and they don’t provide us with the excitement we are looking for.

And what about people who would like to include casual sex now and then while on their adventure of looking for true love and marriage?     

If romantic relationships and emotional commitments are not something that you are looking for, you might just be in the right place.

The Thrill of Meeting Someone New

Meeting up with someone you don’t know or have never met before can be as exciting as it sounds. People with all their fetishes and desires have only one life, and after being in a long and boring relationship or alone, you just want to hook up with someone new and feel the thrill.

Sometimes just looking through the profiles of other users and searching through their photos is enough of a thrill to motivate you to go out with a certain person. Even if you don’t end up in bed, it’s still a good way to boost your experience and get more comfortable with the hookup scene.

Multiple Relationship Goals

Do you want to hang out with no expectations or obligations involved? The casual sex and hook up culture is growing rapidly, and it now includes several types of encounters:

  • Single encounters – anonymous partners with no intention of staying together either emotionally or sexually. One-night stands with no history or future.
  • Social encountersfriends with benefits and “booty calls” friends. Like single encounters, but with the future or past.
  • Hooking Up – may include many sexual, erotic, and penetration episodes without any commitments.
  • Swinging – people in relationships exchange partners to bring more sexual joy to everyday life.

Sexual joy is just around the corner, and it depends on your sexual needs and expectations.

Alternatives to Craigslist Personals that Are Worth Visiting

There are many people in this world, or even just a few blocks away, who are just like you. Every single day people look for new adventures, and some sites can still help you find and connect with them.

Various websites offer different types of excitement, as not everyone wants to be in a relationship. Have some fun and share some fantastic experiences with ordinary people from your area – we hope you will find someone with the same enthusiasm for hookups on one of the above sites.

Have Casual Sex Without Craigslist Personal Ads

Craigslist Personals is gone, but hookups and casual sex aren’t. Among these alternative websites, there is something for anyone, so be sure to check them all carefully, and we are sure you will find someone to share your passion with. Fulfilling your sexual needs and desires is what they want, what you want, and what we want.

We hope you have exciting sex.