Top 12 Casual Dating Rules You Must Follow

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A casual relationship means that you have an emotional or physical connection with someone, but it is not an official relationship. You see each other from time to time, have a good time, and go on with your lives.

There might be a spark between you two when it comes to casual dating, but you didn’t put a formal label on your relationship. That means that you won’t do the things you would typically do in a relationship, such as meeting your partner’s friends or family members, being in contact every day, or seeing each other every day. 

Keep in mind that casual dating is not not something to be ashamed of: you may need a break from your emotions or don’t want to have a formal relationship with someone, which is entirely normal.

Since casual dating differs from ordinary relationships, it might be challenging to get used to being in a casual relationship. Don’t worry because we have some rules that you can follow to make your casual relationship healthy and happy.

1. Be honest with yourself.

Before entering or looking for a casual relationship, you should ask yourself, “Is this what I genuinely want?” You need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself whether this type of relationship will do you any good.

Maybe you are still getting over your past relationship or want revenge, but either way, you should only look for a casual date if you are entirely sure you are ready for it.

Don’t hold grudges when you enter a relationship because it can lead to a bad ending. Have a deep and honest conversation with yourself before jumping into casual dating because it will make things easier for you.

2. Talk about your relationship.

If you are currently in a casual relationship or “situationship,” you need to define it. Have a friendly talk with your partner and ask them about their intentions. Are they looking for something more serious? What are they expecting?

Being open and honest is crucial in any relationship, including casual flings. Without it, you may stumble upon misunderstandings which can lead to the end of the relationship.

You, too, should be honest about what you want. Tell your partner that you aren’t looking for anything serious and wish to go with the flow. Tell them that you want to have fun and are not looking for a relationship.

It is easier to know your partner’s intentions and share your own than just being in the loophole of ignorance. By finding out one another’s intentions, you will be sure about the next steps you need to take in your relationship.

3. Respect their freedom.

Since you are in a casual relationship, you should not be checking in on your partner and asking them where they are and who is with them. That is not your business if you two are dating casually.

People in a committed relationship worry about each other and want to make sure that they are safe at any moment. However, that is different in casual relationships. It is good to know that they are safe, but you shouldn’t be all over them, asking them too many questions.

The same goes for making plans. You might think that you come first to your partner in an ordinary relationship. That is not the case here. Always respect their plans and freedom before suggesting a date.

That should also be a rule for your partner. They should respect your plans and freedom, too. If that is not the case, you need to let them know. Respect is the key to any relationship, casual flings included.

4. Set rules and follow them.

Your partner may be uncomfortable with some things, such as talking about specific topics, doing certain things, or going on dates often. Moreover, you may have some things that make you feel uncomfortable in a relationship. That is why it is essential to set rules and boundaries in your relationship.

Whether it is talking about the past, seeing each other often, or going on dates, you need to get the uncomfortable things out of the way, and the best way to do so is to set up some rules that both you and your partner will follow.

Be sure to make your boundaries and rules clear. Let your partner know what you like and dislike, what you want from them, and vice versa.

That way, you will be able to enjoy the relationship without feeling pressured. Set and follow the rules, and everything will turn out fantastic.

5. Don’t overthink it.

This rule should go without saying: if you are overthinking it, you don’t want to be in a casual relationship.

If you catch yourself re-reading their texts, looking for a deeper meaning in their words, wishing to spend more time with them, and thinking about them constantly, you might want to reconsider your casual relationship.

When you enter an informal relationship, you have to be casual about it. Don’t overthink everything; relax and enjoy your connection.

That might be challenging to do, so our advice is to distract yourself from thinking about a certain someone. You can work on yourself and stop overthinking in no time.

6. Don’t post your photos on social media.

If you are considering posting a cute photo with your casual partner – don’t. That will make your relationship official and might even scare away your partner.

You are not in a serious relationship, so save posting photos or videos on social media for later – when you have something serious. Casual relationships are all about having fun in private.

You don’t need to let everyone know that you have someone special; keep your casual relationship private. That way, you will have more pressure-free fun. Also, it is always more interesting to have a secret relationship when you date casually.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Casual relationships’ purpose is to have fun and find out what you like or dislike. If you are new to this dating game, we recommend experimenting with different people.

Maybe all of your past partners had the same personality traits or the same looks. Casual dating allows you to try something new but with no feelings attached. Instead of going out on a date with your usual type, try doing it with someone opposite.

You will eventually find the type of person you want to have a profound relationship with by going out with different people. The best part? You can always end a casual relationship without leaving someone hurt.

You will be able to look into all of the things that irritate you and all that excites you, so when you are finally ready to dive into a relationship, you will know what you are looking for and what to avoid.

8. Date other people.

You don’t need to be faithful and loyal to one person in casual dating; that is the whole point. You can go on as many dates as you like, with as many people as you like.

If you practice going out with more people simultaneously, you will inevitably find someone with whom you can continue your casual relationship. You can even be in a casual relationship with more people.

The perk of this type of dating is that you don’t have to keep track of everything – you can focus on having a good time with someone. You are not obliged to text, call, see each other often, or be loyal to one person. You only need to enjoy the relationship(s) you are in at the moment.

9. Don’t be jealous or possessive.

As discussed earlier, you can see as many people as you like, but your partner(s) can do the same. If you think that you won’t be able to handle your partner seeing other people, you shouldn’t be in that type of relationship.

Many people want to have casual relationships just because it doesn’t pressure them to be loyal. Because of that, don’t get jealous if your casual partner is seeing someone else while dating you casually. After all, you can do that, too.

Remember, you shouldn’t date other people only because you want to make your casual partner jealous. Instead, tell them how you feel and that your relationship won’t work out.

10. Don’t let them in your inner circle.

Your casual partner should not be meeting your friends and family because you are not in a serious relationship with them. Instead, keep it private.

By introducing your partner to your loved ones, you automatically make your relationship official. That can scare off your partner or make your relationship feel more forced. Your partner will probably consider this move as something more than casual. Instead, you can tell your friends and family about your partner, but don’t introduce them.

The same goes for inviting them to any sorts of events. You shouldn’t bring your casual partner to a wedding or a birthday you are going to. After all, they aren’t really your “plus one.”

11. Focus on your priorities.

If you want to improve your career or focus on your needs but still want to have a partner, casual dating might be for you.

When you are in a casual relationship, you can focus on other things, such as your job, school, or self-improvement, without feeling guilty for not spending enough time with your partner.

In casual dating, you are your top priority, and you don’t need to worry about your partner like you would in a normal relationship. You can enjoy all the perks a relationship offers but without any commitment.

12. Feel free to end things, but don’t ghost them.

Feel free to end things if you don’t feel good in a casual relationship. The purpose of casual relationships is to feel good and have fun. If you lose that spark, you should end things and be straightforward about it.

Communicate with your partner openly and honestly. Tell them that you don’t see yourself in that relationship anymore and you want to go separate ways. Like relationships, ending things should be casual, with no hard feelings.

Don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel about the connection – honesty is the best policy. That means that ghosting someone is not a good way of ending things. After all, you two have a history together, and they deserve to know what is going on.

Ghosting someone may be the worst way to end things. Trust us, you will feel guilty after some time, and your partner will be confused, too. That is simply a lose-lose situation. Instead, be honest with them, and they won’t be mad at you – they will only respect you more.


Casual dating differs in many aspects from ordinary dating. Because of that, there are some rules that you need to follow to have a successful, healthy, happy casual relationship.

If you follow the rules above, you will find someone that will fit your standards and with whom you will have fun. Remember not to take it seriously because that is the whole point of casual dating.

Establish good communication with your partner(s) to have a healthy relationship. That includes being open and honest about your intentions with the person and being honest with them when you lose the spark.

The most important rule is to have fun while dating. Go on several dates, experiment with different people, date more people simultaneously, go on adventures, etc. You decide what fun means and how you wish to spend your time with anyone.

Remember: they call it casual dating for a reason; go with the flow and let the fun guide you. You will have a fantastic time with every partner and know when and with whom to have a committed relationship later when you are ready.