8 Essential Tips on Choosing the Best Dating Profile Photos

Smiling Woman in Shallow Focus Photography Photo

Online dating has become very popular among people of all ages and dating preferences. Even surveys show that more people are switching to online dating because of the simplicity and convenience dating sites offer.

However, even this form of dating can be tricky for people who are not familiar with the rules of the online dating world. People on dating sites are typically more interested in meeting a person with a well-rounded life and an attractive dating profile.

However, creating a dating profile that ultimately shows your personality can be challenging. There’s not much time and possibilities to express yourself through a dating profile and catch someone’s attention. That’s why dating profile photos are crucial for successful matching.

People usually make mistakes using apps and filters that completely change their appearance and destroy the impression of potential matches. Fake photos and photoshopped pictures are not popular anymore. People want to see the real you, free of filters and duck faces.

We’ve decided to give you some valuable tips on choosing the best dating profile photos and list some dos and don’ts that will make your dating profile appealing and help you meet more people online.

1. Shirtless and provocative photos are not a good choice.

Men, if you think that your shirtless gym or toilet pictures still have a chance to attract decent and relationship-oriented women, you are wrong. First of all, such photos only show you’re not interested in dedicating yourself to one woman.

More importantly, most female dating site members are not attracted to men who are easy to get. If you show your body to all members of a dating site, you’ll clarify that you are not a candidate for a serious relationship. So, if you are not interested in sugar mamas or one-night stands, it is best to leave shirtless pictures for a private chat.

On the other hand, women with provocative pictures are also more likely only a subject of interest to men seeking casual flirtation and sex. So, if you’re looking for a casual relationship, make sure to find dating sites that cater to a specific niche.

Pick decent photos for your online dating profile if you’re more interested in finding a serious date.

2. Show your best attributes appropriately.

You don’t need to be provocative or post inappropriate photos to highlight your beauty and attractive body. If you want to emphasize your sculpted body or beautiful skin tone, try to do it interestingly and modestly.

After all, people who persistently put their bodies in the foreground can be very repulsive to users of dating platforms. Yes, people who use dating sites are typically looking for attractive and good-looking partners, but that’s not the only thing that matters.

So, if you want to show that you are working on your body and physical appearance, consider how to do it discreetly. Try to choose clothes that are decent enough, but again slightly provocative to highlight your best attributes.

Try on as many clothing combinations as possible, and ask your friends how you look in them. Take pictures of yourself in various poses to see how you can highlight your beauty appropriately without looking like you’re ready to go on Playboy casting.

You don’t need to dress conservatively. Find clothes that will reveal enough skin or show off your abs, but wear them with style.

3. Always smile in photos.

Research has shown that people who often smile and promote positivity are more likely to meet many interesting people. That’s also the first and most essential rule for posting an online dating profile photo.

You need to have at least one picture in your set of photos where you’re smiling to the cheekbones. A smile and eyes are often the first things that attract the attention of potential partners.

Think about it – would you initiate contact with a person who smiles in their profile picture or the one who looks moody in it?

Of course, most of us would rather pick the person who promotes positivity. First of all, it’s easier to start a conversation when someone looks sociable, even in traditional dating, right? Well, it’s the same with online dating.

Many more people will contact you or send flirts on dating platforms when they see your genuine smile in the profile photo. You will look more approachable and, at the same time, more attractive, and that is the first step to successful online dating.

4. Don’t ever use old photos.

The collection of old photographs evokes nostalgic feelings in any of us, especially if we look thinner or happier in those photos. Such photos are great memories but remember that they don’t accurately present your current appearance.

You’re allowed to whine about how your body was perfectly shaped 5-6 years ago, wonder why you dyed or cut your hair, and ponder how it would look good on you now. However, leave those photos for hanging out with friends and accept you’re not that person anymore.

Don’t post old photos just because you think you were more attractive five years ago. That will put you in a very awkward situation, especially when you finally find a potential partner and arrange a date in person.

While you’re online, you can pretend to be that person from the picture from five years ago. However, imagine how confused your date would be when you finally meet each other, and you’re not the person they dreamed about and expected?

Make sure your pictures on dating sites and apps aren’t more than a year old. It is essential that you accept your appearance and not try to present yourself falsely. Online dating sites offer so many opportunities, and you will surely attract someone’s attention just as you are.

5. Choose photos that describe your personality.

You probably think most people on online dating platforms typically swipe to find users with as simple as possible profiles that have no content other than the person’s selfies. Well, only people with simple intentions do that.

On the other hand, members of the dating platforms interested in making genuine contacts and finding their soulmates typically prefer to start a conversation with someone whose profile looks exciting and has intriguing photos.

So, in addition to writing something about your personality in the “About me” section, you must choose attractive photos. The more you illustrate your character in your profile picture, the more members will be interested in initiating contact and starting a conversation with you.

Women prefer men who are creative and have broader interests, just as men like to meet independent and active women. People who often participate in various activities or possess interesting skills are always more attractive for conversation and relationships.

So, if you are a musician, painter, or have any hobby that describes your personality, try to accentuate your skill in photos. Choose photos that reflect your character, and try to visualize your personality in each of them.

6. Avoid too many selfies.

Selfies were a viral trend just a few years ago. Many celebrities have started taking and posting a few selfies a day. People have gone crazy for apps containing selfie filters, and the perception of photography has completely changed since then.

Since all trends have a period of popularity, that also happened with selfies. Although they are still some of the most popular and liked photos on the internet, selfies are no longer as cool as they once were. Instead of posting only selfies on your dating profile, upload your pictures that someone else shot from different angles.

Of course, you should also have a close-up photo of your face, but try to avoid stuffing your dating profile with selfies. Make sure you have a picture of your whole body as well. The key is to be creative and find interesting places to take photos.

Add a little mystery to your shots, and don’t take and post selfies from the toilet. When it comes to online dating, toilet selfies are a BIG NO. Not only is the background of such selfies off-putting, but you will undoubtedly have less chance of finding a person who will be interested in adding you to a private chat.

If you only feel confident posting selfies, at least pick exciting angles and backgrounds. More importantly, avoid apps that can completely change your physical appearance, and make sure you’re looking the same in all photos.

7. Quality photos stand out.

How often have you come across photos on online dating sites where it was unclear whether there was a person or an object in the picture? How about all those amateur photographs that are so blurry that you can’t figure out if you’re looking at a ghost or an actual person?

Dating profiles with such photos are very unattractive and repulsive to users. People mostly avoid such members, and some are even ready to report them to customer support. Some dating sites even require photo verification, so if you plan to post a low-quality photo, keep in mind that site moderators may not approve your membership.

We have already mentioned that old photos are not a good choice, so don’t post those old shots with low-grade resolution and poor quality on dating sites. More importantly, don’t zoom or crop them if you didn’t take them with a professional camera because they would look grainy.

If you have a friend or family member with photography skills, ask them to organize a quick photo session and get quality pictures for your dating profile. A high-quality photo will open up new possibilities and attract more members to your profile.

8. Avoid group shots.

When posting pictures on dating sites, the first and most essential thing you need to remember is never to post photos with the opposite sex. Your potential partner doesn’t want to see a picture with another man or woman next to you.

No one wants to assume whether the person in the picture is your ex or just a friend. The profile picture on the dating site should be a picture of you and no one else until you come across someone who will occupy your attention and with whom you will talk often. Don’t expose your relationships with others until you find someone special.

Also, avoid posting group shots and leave these photos for social networks or group chats with friends. Dating site users do not like to see group profile pictures.

No one wants to guess who you are in that picture. People usually keep scrolling or swipe left when they see a group photo because they don’t want to bother speculating or reaching out only to be disappointed. After all, your potential partner may confuse you with someone else in the picture, which later leads to an awkward situation when you meet in person.

You should have photos of yourself spending a great time with friends and family, but don’t put those photos as a profile picture. Add at least a couple of shots where you’re alone before adding some group photos to your set. When you have enough pictures of yourself, your potential match will spend less than 30 seconds recognizing you in a group photo.


A good set of photos on a dating site can change the course of your online dating and open up many possibilities. With the tips we’ve given you above, you can create a dating profile that can become one of the most visited and liked profiles on your chosen dating site.

Remember that photos are only a starting point, as you also need to put some effort and be communicative and friendly. Besides having a good set of attractive photos, you also need to be pretty active on dating sites to find a suitable match.