No-Strings-Attached: All You Need To Know About NSA

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Today’s dating world is filled with acronyms like BBW, NSA, FWB, etc.; there are too many to count or keep up with. We have made it our mission to guide you about all these acronyms so that you can ace your dating game and come out as a winner every time. 

NSA or No-Strings-Attached is yet another trending casual relationship that used to be taboo, not anymore. 

What is NSA?

NSA or No-Strings-Attached is the kind of relationship where two people come together just for the sake of having a physical relationship. It can be a long-term setting, or it can be a short one; Either way, there is nothing but sex in this relationship. In a nutshell, NSA is

  • An intimate relationship
  • There is no limitation or commitment
  • It can be both exclusive or non-exclusive
  • There’s hardly any future for an NSA relationship

Difference between NSA and FWB

Many may argue that FWB and NSA are the same. However, there is a major difference between these two. NSA is a relationship you have with strangers you may or may not see again. Whereas FWB is a relationship that is most commonly made with a compatible friend who may have a high sexual connection but isn’t looking for commitment. 

FWB is an intimate relationship between two friends without any commitment or pressure. NSA is different because you are banging a total stranger, but the dynamics stay the same, with no commitment or pressure. 

Is the NSA Monogamous?

A monogamous relationship is when you see just one person at a time. NSA is an open relationship; it’s what you want it to be. You can have an exclusive partner, or you can have multiple partners; it’s totally up to you and your casual dating partner to decide the rules of your relationship. 

Commonly, NSA relationships aren’t monogamous. However, sleeping around with other people isn’t termed as cheating in NSA because this is how an NSA relationship operates. You can see multiple partners, and you are not obligated to tell your partners about the other people you are seeing. 

The Ideal Partners To Have an NSA Relationship With Are?

Anyone is a great candidate as long as they aren’t your buddies or your co-workers because that is a recipe for disaster. If you are seeking a sexual relationship without the hassle of commitment or emotional baggage, it’s better to have one with strangers. With an NSA relationship, emotions can bring a whole lot of damage. 

Partner from not including friends in the mix; you should keep it short-term. The most you see the same person, the more chances there are of developing feelings for that person. Why risk a good arrangement? 

Understanding NSA is one thing; living it for real is another. If you are keen on exploring NSA in real life, here are the benefits and drawbacks for your guidance. 

Best Dating Sites and Apps for Finding NSA Relationships

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#1 Adult Friend Finder 4.8/5.0 Free Trial
#2 Kasual 4.8/5.0 Free Trial
#3 Ashley Madison 4.5/5.0 Free Trial
#4 Seeking 4.0/5.0 Free Trial

The Many Benefits of NSA

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1. NSA Is Great For Exploring One’s Sexuality 

Sex doesn’t have to be taboo with NSA; you can explore what you like when you like, and how you like when in an NSA relationship. The whole point of NSA is to have an intimate relationship without any pressure. You don’t have to explain to anyone for exploring your sexual pleasures. 

You can explore what works for you and makes your body go all weak with pleasure; no questions asked. Apart from that, sleeping with multiple people can give you a border understanding of sex and how you can improve. 

There is also no limitation on using sex toys and trying out different kinks. Since you aren’t looking to have a relationship with your NSA partner or to impress them, you are free to do what you want to make yourself happy and sexually satisfied. In an NSA relationship, all your fantasies come true. 

2. No Emotional Baggage

The topmost benefit of getting into an NSA relationship is that you keep it sterile, with no feelings or emotions. There are no complications if both partners are on the same page. 

No sleeping in, no morning cuddles, no unnecessary conversation, and no morning coffee, you do the deed and leave; this is how it works. A cordial relationship, if ever!

After the deed, there is no stressing over how your partner felt, no stress about looking good to please them, and no thoughts about whether they liked you. The NSA relationship comes without any emotions; your partner will never be anything more than a body to please yours. 

When we say no emotions, we also mean no friends and families. Nothing personal gets shared; it’s kind of like a business arrangement with a more intimate outcome and no payments. 

3. No Obligation or Loyalty

Traditional relationships thrive on loyalty and being faithful, whereas NSA has no obligation. Yes, you read it right; you don’t have to be anyone’s exclusive to be in an NSA relationship.

If your partner didn’t satisfy you the way you needed them to, there is no need to call them back. You can cut loose at any time without any guilt or feeling bad. You can sleep without telling them about it with multiple partners, provided you use protection with every encounter. Play the field, enjoy your time and explore your little sex world as much as you want. 

Before you start serious dating and commit to one special person, NSA gives you the freedom to date and explore all options. 

Draw Backs and Risks Related To NSA Relationship

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Flip the coin, and you will see a lot of negativity surrounding NSA relationships. These are a must-read if you are thinking of stepping into one. 

1. Falling for your NSA Partner

The worst thing while exploring an NSA relationship is to have feelings for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with commitment or a serious relationship. When you got into this non-committed relationship, you only committed to not developing feelings for your casual partner. 

The physical attraction is understandable, but to be attracted to them, as in having feelings for them, will only hurt you. There is a high chance that you will get a hard rejection from your casual partner because they aren’t looking for a serious relationship. Not only will you lose a casual sex partner, but you will also shatter your confidence. 

The tables can turn as well; your partner might fall for you. In that case, if you have the same feelings, this can turn into a beautiful relationship, but that’s not a high probability, given you both are in a no-strings-attached relationship. 

So, turn them down nicely, be as gentle as you can and let them go. Having a fallout with any kind of partner is never easy, but there are all kinds of risks when you get into an NSA relationship. 

2. Jealousy; The Green-Eyed Monster

Since NSA is non-exclusive, the partners can get jealous of each other’s partners. With emotions come jealousy, and when you begin to complain and seek unnecessary attention, your relationship will no longer be termed as an NSA. 

If you start to get jealous of your partner’s other conquests, it’s on you. Your partner is under no obligation to be exclusively available to you. They can have as many partners as they want as long as they aren’t bringing any disease home to you. 

Similarly, your partner can have the same feeling of jealousy for your other partners. If you can handle that, great; if you can’t, it’s time to change partners because a healthy NSA relationship has no room for the green-eyed monster. 

3. NSA Might Let Real Love Pass without Getting Noticed

People getting into NSA aren’t looking for serious commitments, which is understandable. However, NSA is too much fun to give up easily. And while you are having casual encounters one after another, you might miss out on having a romantic and serious relationship with the right partner. 

It might be too late when you finally give up NSA and start looking for real love and settling down into a monogamous relationship. 

4. NSA can Ruin Future Real relationships 

‘No Strings Attached’ relationships tend to make people uncaring and inconsiderate. There is a high probability that when in a monogamous relationship, you will think less of other people’s love and care. You might not respect their feelings as you should. Such an attitude can ruin your future serious relationships. 

Too much of anything isn’t good for anyone; NSA is no different. Change paths before the path changes you. Quit NSA before you become too self-centered and independent. Your serious partner will need attention, emotional support, and love, which isn’t something you did while in an NSA relationship. 

5. Your Health Can Be At Risk

The probability of catching a sexually transmitted disease or STD is higher when you are sleeping with multiple partners. The risk becomes even higher if one or both parties have multiple partners. 

The only solution to this problem is wearing a condom. Whether you are aware of your partner’s other sexual adventures or not, always wear or insist on wearing a condom. Never get into an NSA relationship with someone who refuses to wear a rubber. 

Like every other relationship, NSA also has rules. These rules aren’t unalterable, but almost all NSA relationships follow these for a healthy and uncomplicated road to ultimate pleasures.

The Rules Of the NSA

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1. Keep a Tight Lid on Your Emotions and Personal Information

Sex and emotion go hand in hand; with the right partner, you are giddy with excitement, lust, and love. However, these emotions don’t work when you are in an NSA relationship. They are best kept locked in the far corner of your brain. NSA is pure pleasure, so don’t ruin it with emotions and personal information. You will put a healthy NSA relationship in jeopardy and ruin the fun for all by adding emotions to the equation. 

2. Keep Your Other Sexual Encounters Quiet

Who you are sleeping with apart from your usual partner is nobody’s business, so you better keep quiet about it too. None of your partners need to know about each other. Bragging about your one partner to another will bring nothing but troubles to the table. Such information breeds jealousy, and this one emotion can ruin it all.  

3. No Sleeping With your Crush

NSA with your crush is the worst idea; why? Well, because you already have feelings for your crush, sleeping with them will only make matters worse. If you already have feelings for someone, getting into an NSA relationship will be an invitation to unnecessary problems in your otherwise calm life. 

4. Texting and Calling

Don’t text or call unless it’s a booty call or details to fix the time for a booty call. Your casual sex partner is not your bosom buddy, don’t make him one. Keep casual texting to a minimum, there is no need to wish them ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Night’ either. 

5. Never Slack On Protection

The number one rule of the NSA relationship is to always use protection. You can never slack on protection. Always keep them at hand; should your partner ever forget, you will have his back. STDs are most common when you have multiple partners, so keep yourself and your partner safe by using protection all the time. 


No-Strings-Attached may feel like a great relationship option, but there are too many details to take care of. The rules, benefits as well as drawbacks are all there for a reason. 

If you are looking for a healthy and uncomplicated NSA relationship, you must learn the rule book of NSA by heart. It’s the only way of saving yourself and your partner from getting hurt or, worse, ending up heartbroken.